The 3rd Chakra: Transformation and Agency


The 3rd Chakra is located at the Solar Plexus; it is yellow, and its element is fire. It is sometimes called the power Chakra, bridging the lower and upper chakras. If we think of the 2nd Chakra as governing unity, we can say the 3rd chakra has a governing influence of discernment. When we move out of the second chakra and into the third, we are moving from wanting to merge with others, so that we feel we are the same, to being separate beings with our own thoughts, feelings, and ideas.

It is considered a power chakra as it’s what allows us to make our way in the world, not as victims, but as active participants in our world. We acknowledge the choices we have and act from those choices. It is from this Chakra that we decide how to respond to our circumstances, our world, our situations. It is a place of action.

The 3rd Chakra is about initiative, ego, power, and discernment. As we begin to discern various energies; our own energy or someone else’s, we begin to see ourselves more clearly. As we see ourselves more clearly, we begin to show ourselves to the world more clearly. We have better boundaries, and it allows others to see us for who we are. The more we are seen the more courage we find in sharing who we truly are. This is where we begin to own our own power of choice and action vs power over others.

third chakra solar plexus

The 3rd Chakra shows us when or where we are invalidated. When we experience invalidation, our 3rd Chakra and our aura tend to collapse. A natural, unconscious response to that invalidation is the emotion of anger. Anger re-inflates our Chakra and aura by using the energy of anger to open it back up. How do we get invalidated? Usually, it is someone that crosses our boundaries. This can be intentional or unintentional and we may not notice it right away. If you feel angry and you cannot put your finger on why; check to see if someone crossed a boundary. We can be invalidated when we feel unseen, causing our energy to become stagnant and we lack initiative.

If our habit is to not rock the boat or cause waves, and we go along with others not expressing our disagreements, we can become invisible. This Chakra governs our ability to digest; when we are unable to digest feelings, emotions, lies, or conflicted situations, it can cause problems in the body. This is often painful, and on some level, it feels like self-betrayal; our invalidation becomes anger. Invalidation can come from a partner, parent, teacher or someone at the store, a stranger. We do it to each other all the time. When we invalidate someone else it is a way to buttress ourselves up, but this is not the answer to addressing our own feelings of unworthiness.

Often we blame others for not seeing us. We may get angry and as we express that anger it is a way of being seen, though not always the most skillful way of being seen. Being seen can feel risky and scary. We may be afraid to stand out because we do not have the resilience tools to face rejection or criticism, we do not want to appear different. However, keeping ourselves hidden can feel more painful in the long run. Having a stable and free flowing 3rd Chakra will help you to be out in the world. You will begin to understand that we are not all the same in our thoughts, wants and feelings. We can enter into more open and complex communication. This is the center of power of ourselves vs power over others. We don’t have to be deflated or invalidated if someone holds a different opinion or belief than us. We see them for more of who they are and not who we wish them to be.

It takes practice to discern when our boundaries have been crossed. Sometimes it has been an ever so slight ‘dis’ or joke that we do not register at first. We feel bad and angry, and we don’t know why, but when we acknowledge that hurt and begin to track it we will understand what happened. We can reinflate our aura without bursting out in anger. Agency is your birthright. You get to decide how you respond to anything that comes your way. This Chakra is when you make the shift from victim to creator of your circumstances.

Start to tune into your 3rd Chakra at the Solar Plexus. Breathe into that space and imagine a circle spinning in a clockwise direction. You can do this anytime: while walking, in the shower, or cooking. Become aware of this space in the front and back of your body. Next time you get angry, allow the anger, but also remind yourself to open your 3rd Chakra. Ask yourself who or what crossed your boundary? In general women want this Chakra to open about 65-70% and men have it open about 50%. Let me know how this goes and take notes for yourself.

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