Beaver Moon in Gemini symbolizes duality and opposites


Monday, November 27th brings us the Beaver Moon in Gemini. Gemini symbolizes duality and opposites and carries the energy of communication, adaptability, and curiosity. The celestial twins are often seen as two, but I like to see them as the two sides of the same coin. This Full Moon in this zodiac sign reminds us of this, we are many personas and personalities that create one person. The Gemini Full Moon asks us to remember this and to speak to ourselves in a way that offers love and support.

The Beaver Moon illuminates the paths we’ve taken and the ones we have yet to walk; it gives us new insights into what is hidden. This moon symbolizes the importance of being resourceful and having foresight as we prepare to navigate through transitions. It’s believed this month’s full moon was given its name as it is the time that North American beavers prepared their names to prepare for the cold winter months.

This full moon offers us a new perspective and encourages us to explore our dualities, and both our light and shadow. We often feel like we should keep the shadow side hidden, but the glow of the full moon reminds us that we are never hidden all the time.

Beaver Moon in Gemini challenges us to look below the surface of our outward personalities to find the truths we attempt to keep hidden from even ourselves. It asks us to find the balance between our two selves, the light and the shadow, the seen and the unseen.

What do I believe is my shadow side, and what do I believe is my light side? What lessons have I learned from past transitions that can help me prepare for the current transitions? Where do I lack balance in my life? Where do I speak to myself in ways that don’t encourage me? These questions can help you connect more with this Moon’s Energy.

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