Help is All Around You


I have been giving up lately, and it feels peaceful. I am realizing there are some things I simply cannot do alone, so unless the right support comes along, I am powerless to accomplish certain things. Now, this is not an excuse to sit back and let life take whatever shape it takes without me working to create what I want. This is just permission to myself to take a break in areas that I have done all I know how to do on my own, and peacefully wait for the right help to come along at the right time.

I feel a deep exhaustion in certain areas in my life. It is not so much a physical exhaustion, but it is an emotional and financial exhaustion. I feel like I have done all I can on my own in specific areas, and I can dig no deeper. It is time to rest, to give myself the break this exhaustion is telling me that I need. My soul is crying out for help. I am realizing I need help, and am ready to accept it from wherever it is meant to come from.

This giving up, or surrendering if you prefer that term, feels peaceful. It also feels patient. It releases the pressure I have been feeling to make certain things happen. Instead, I get to let it all go, and trust my Higher Power to provide whatever I need. I still take responsibility to control the things I have power over in a way that works to bring about an outcome that is desirable to me, but I get to relax when it comes to all the things I do not have power over. It feels good.

Image by William Farlow from Unsplash

Peace, relaxation, and calm meet this kind of healthy surrender. It makes me so grateful to have faith in someone that I can trust so intimately to take care of all the details in my life, my Higher Power. I am beyond grateful that ultimately, I am never alone. And it feels good to be honest with myself and others about how I feel. I can’t control the emotional and financial exhaustion I am feeling any more than I can control physical exhaustion. As long as I am doing my part to take care of my emotional and financial wellbeing, all I can do is take a break when needed. Needing rest in any given area does not make us weak. It just makes us human and means we have limits. It is best to honor those limits instead of pushing past them.

It is okay to admit that you can’t do everything on your own. None of us can. We all need help from those around us, and it is my personal belief that we all need help from a Higher Power. This life is hard and complex. It is wonderful too and very rewarding, but we need each other to make our burdens lighter and our joys more profound. So let us all relax in asking for the help we need and in accepting it. Let those shared experiences of support lead to beautiful connections and deeper intimacy with one another. Find peace in giving up, and rest in the help that is all around you.




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