Starcodes: November 3-9


Starcodes for the week of November 3-9, 2023

Although we’re out of the recent eclipse pattern, our world stays wild. We might see some interesting aurora borealis next week. Our roiling Sun is hitting the height of its solar flare cycle, creating sunspots every day this year along with another mass coronal ejection on Halloween which is due to hit Earth this weekend. An active Sun turns the volume up on our volatile history and amplifies all astrological configurations.

This energy pours into two competing astrological configurations this week, while most of us will just get grumpy and busy, the hotspots of the world will feel this extra fuel pour in this week. We can choose to add to the fire or find a compassionate way to respond.

On the difficult side, the Sun and Mars conjunct in Mars’ own intense side of Scorpio- and both planets start to oppose electrical, erratic Uranus, an aspect which peaks November 11. Mars opposes Uranus every couple of years and turns the volume up on Genuity, conflict, aggression, competition and athletic prowess. We can choose to compete against our personal best or towards our goals and use this assertive energy wisely. But if we don’t give it someplace constructive to go, accidents increase when we’re in a mood, and our snarky edges can hurt feelings. So give that Mars a good task.

On the positive side, a grand trine in earth signs can ground us in comfortable practicalities, help us change and adapt, and can crack our hearts open in the face of love and death. We can show love and passion through practical and tangible help. Both encourage us to do what matters from a place from compassion and balance.

We could feel dreamy, sensitive, and in need of extra sleep as the weekend begins. Our imagination can take us to lovely places or strand us in our hopes and fears as Venus opposes Neptune. Let’s enjoy the dreamworld but not get stuck in a nightmare; no jumping to conclusions over partial facts and watch emotional projections on beloveds; instead look for solid ground underneath. Work magic, prayer-work, or creative visualization with consciousness.

Over the weekend things change as Saturn turns direct, the Moon enters expressive, even dramatic Leo and Mercury opposes Uranus. Stay centered around sudden or shocking information, whether positive or negative. Consider carefully some tough personal decisions around work, structure, or personal discipline and set boundaries firmly and peacefully. We can pray that countries do the same.

Keep an eye out for technical difficulties around transportation and communication. If someone doesn’t return our call, follow that up rather than jump to conclusions.

The Moon enters Virgo Monday afternoon and can help us get down to the nuts and bolts of a needed change. The week end with both a stronger Mars note as Mars tightens that opposition to Uranus, and a stronger Venusian note as she enters her own fairness-loving sign of Libra and calls us to a more loving world. It is up to each of us which one we focus upon.

Image by Evgeni Tcherkasski from Pixabay

Friday, November 3: On this moody morning, people may feel warmhearted but tend to play their cards close to their chest and won’t want to expose their vulnerabilities or take emotional risks. Our memories can sit close with us, so it will be easier to sit in the past or the future rather than the present as the Moon opposes Pluto tonight, but the present moment is where the healing occurs. Watch a tendency to drown one’s sorrows. All kindness and creativity further, though it’s hard to ask for help as Venus opposes Neptune.

Moon trine Mercury 4:49 AM, Moon sextile Uranus 8:35 AM, Moon sextile Sun 3:49 PM, Moon trine Neptune 3:50 PM, Venus opposed Neptune 4:05 PM, Moon opposed Pluto 9:27 PM.

Saturday, November 4: We could feel a turning point, a new chapter begins as Saturn turns direct; review structures, habits, disciplines, and memories needed to step more into personal authority. Appreciate history and traditions, just choose carefully which ones to take into the future. Feel bravery and a whiff of drama in the air under the Leo Moon and as Mercury opposes change-inducing Uranus. Watch for broken equipment or fractured lines of communication. It’s time for change, but if someone bursts out with a sudden revelation, take it with a grain of salt.

Saturn turns direct 1:02 AM, Moon enters Leo 1:20 AM, Mercury opposes Uranus 10:06 AM, Moon squares Jupiter 9:45 PM.

Sunday, November 5: Let’s make it a gently healing morning, even if we’re feeling impatient or cranky. Any old trauma around confrontation or war could be triggered by the headlines as Mars quincunx Chiron and need extra action and care. The afternoon calls for time out; we can flicker between an irritable competence on one side and tendency to drift into dreamworlds on the other as Jupiter semi-squares Neptune. Just stay consciously grounded while doing dangerous things like driving or chopping food.

Moon square Sun 1:36 AM, Mars quincunx Chiron 1:44 AM, Moon square Mars 9:59 AM, Jupiter semi-square Neptune 2:02 PM, Moon square Uranus 7:11 PM.

Monday, November 6: Our hearts are easily touched by the poignant, bittersweet, world’s tragedies. Tears and compassion can swim close to the surface though some of us may double down and steel against emotion as Venus trine Pluto and Mercury trines Intuitive Neptune. Keep the heart open and honor those feelings. Details won’t seem important unless we can find how they serve the bigger picture.

Moon square Mercury 12:25 AM, Venus trine Pluto 7:37 AM, Moon enters Virgo 12:39 PM, Moon opposed Saturn 1:42 PM, Mercury trine Neptune 6:36 PM.

Tuesday, November 7: Take a deep breath and catch up, do chores, get grounded by getting this material world organized. Follow through recent plans and check in on people in emotionally volatile situations. Don’t waste time by complaining or faultfinding; create space through releasing and clearing as the pragmatic Virgo Moon trines Jupiter.

Moon trine Jupiter 8:43 AM, Moon sextile Sun 7:53 PM.

Wednesday, November 8: There’s so much to deal with as Mercury sextiles Pluto and keeps our minds on the heavy stuff. It’s easy to let work, responsibilities, or world trauma cause us to take relationships for granted and assume they’ll be ok. But that’s not the case, just as we get busy, we need to tend our beloveds and work through some knots as Venus enters Libra and quincunx Saturn. Work together to handle life’s problems rather than let them build up between, because otherwise those lumps could erupt over the next week as Mars opposes Uranus.

Moon sextile Mars 2:29 AM, Venus enters Libra 2:30 AM, Moon trine Uranus 7:40 AM, Venus quincunx Saturn 2:13 PM, Moon opposed Neptune 3:20 PM, Mercury sextile Pluto 5:16 PM, Sun quincunx Chiron 8:01 PM, Moon trine Pluto 9:20 PM, Moon sextile Mercury 9:55 PM.

Thursday, November 9: Notice an extra influx of emotion, full of impatience, hope, beauty, attachment, edginess, and care as the Libra Moon conjunct beautiful Venus while the Sun sidles up to Mars in focused, difficult Scorpio. Stay grounded, tap into expansive Jupiter in Taurus, tend to the health and send food supplies.

Moon enters Libra 1:07 AM, Moon conjunct Venus 3:22 AM.

Provided by Heather Roan Robbins




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