Coping Strategies to Enjoy the Festive Holiday Season


The holiday season can be anticipated with joy and happiness, but many people foresee the festive season as a time of anxiety and stress. So many stressors with preparation, family responsibilities and financial hardships are overwhelming. How do we create a wholesome, fulfilling family experience thru the holidays without being unravelled?

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Here are 6 important steps to ensure a joyous Christmas:

  1. An important concept is to recognize all the fun filled memories you have had with past Christmas holidays but leave some space for yourself to experience new traditions and sentiments that will only build on the past celebrations. Make an effort to work thru the past challenges and possibly painful experience so they do not become all consuming so you can focus on the present.
  2. Realize and develop a life of gratitude, as well as a positive attitude. Remember that your circumstances may change in your life, but it is how you perceive each challenge, whether it is positive or negative. That is a significant lesson in life and one to develop over the holidays.
  3. Along with gratitude is spending time enriching someone else’s life thru fundraising, supporting a children’s sick hospital or homeless people who really need some support at this time of year. The charitable experience could become an ongoing rewarding experience.
  4. If money is tight and you are struggling financially there are so many activities and fun events that you can experience that are free. Family enjoyment doesn’t have to be all about spending a lot of money. In fact, many who have little enjoy the most gratifying times with family.
  5. A key issue that most people face over the holidays is not setting a realistic budget. People wind up spending much more than they expected. Set a budget for yourself way before the holidays arrive so you know exactly how much you can afford.
  6. Make time for yourself! In order to keep things functioning properly, especially for a women who handles a lot of the Christmas festivities, keeping yourself calm, well cared for and relaxed makes all the difference in the world. Take time to recharge your own batteries so you can start the next year brand new!


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