December’s Cancer Moon promises reflection, release, and rebirth


December’s Cold Moon on the 26th not only brings us the last full moon of 2023 but will be seen during Christmas time. A Christmas full moon happens around every 19 years, the next will be in 2034. Christmas Full Moons carry a festive energy that is engraved into mindsets as we think of Santa flying his sleigh and reindeer across a full moon. Full Moons on Christmas bring joy, hope, and peace. Like everything in life, there is another side of this Full Moon.

This Full Moon reminds us that frigid winter nights are only a phase, just as the moon herself moves through phases. This Cold Moon falls in the watery sign of Cancer, a sign deeply rooted in emotions and family. Emotions we have tried to keep hidden in the dark depths of our subconscious are going to be surfacing. Don’t be afraid of them, December’s Cancer Cold Moon promises reflection, release, and rebirth.

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December is a cold month as winter and snow set in, and dark, December 21st brings the longest night of the year. This moon, being called Cold Moon reminds or warns us that the month has the potential of bringing difficulties. Extending understanding to friends and family, and people you may interact with, seasonal depression can make this Full Moon even harder to endure.

Cancer, a zodiac sign ruled by the moon, represents home, family, and deep-seated emotions ask us to take these cold dark months to focus on self-care, and mental and emotional well-being. All the while knowing and understanding sensitive energies are going to resurface. We will be asked to confront past hurts and unspoken sorrows. We are asked to see our vulnerabilities and show ourselves tenderness as they appear.

We may cry as we reprocess these memories and emotions but remember releasing emotions that no longer serve you opens space for growth and renewal. Doing this during the cold moon, while it’s dark and there’s little to do outside (Mercury Retrograde gives more energy to release and realign) will allow us a fresh start in the spring.

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