Graduate and Celebrate this December


December’s 12/3 creative vibrational energy wants you to create times this month to celebrate you. You have reached a major milestone by graduating from 2023’s monthly Know Thy Self. I hope you are applying many if not all the multi-faceted learning you acquired each month by uncovering lots of deeper aspects of who you are so you will know what to be doing in 2024 and beyond.

graduate and celebrate in DecemberImage by Jenny Le from Unsplash

Here is a quick review of why you deserve to graduate and celebrate.

These monthly lessons are on my website to read and remember:

  1. January – you were guided to meet and explore you by starting 2023’s 7-vibration energetic journey to Know Thy Self
  2. February – you began your emotional inner journey to Love Thy Self
  3. March – you were made aware of how to Create Thy Future
  4. April – you were learning valuable practices of how to Plan Your Journey
  5. May – this year you became aware of how the energy of Change Inspires Freedom
  6. June – it was time for you to learn how to Balance Your Responsibilities
  7. July – this mystical energy wanted you to understand it was a pivotal Time for Magic
  8. August – once you believed in magic, it was time to learn you have the Power for Manifestation
  9. September – you learned the value of letting go because it was Time to Transition
  10. October – this vibrational energy alerted you that it was time for you to Explore New Opportunities
  11. November – higher vibrational energies suggested it was time for you to Awaken Your Intuition

Now December’s vibrational energy is asking you Celebrate and Graduate. It becomes extremely important for you to appreciate yourself and the deeper work you continue to accomplish every year on your path to become all you can be in this lifetime.

2023 is a high 7-vibrational spiritual energy and December is a celebrating, creative, social 3-vibrational energy. Perhaps it’s time to do something socially spiritual this month. These energies merging add up to 7+3=10/1. This energy is encouraging you to add something new to your celebration plans. Perhaps some of your celebration gifts could be shared with someone in desperately in need of a hug or???

Lori and I use the quiet time between Christmas and New Year’s Day to meditate, create our intentions, and do our individual vision boards to plant the seeds for our next upcoming year. We have discovered that our angels, guides, and the universe get excited when we show them what we want to bring into our lives in the coming year. Think of this experience we do like going to a restaurant. The waiter needs to know what the chef can create for you so that you will be pleased and satisfied.

2023 has been an amazing year! On a final note, there will be a test in 2024 to see how well you did in your 2023 lessons getting to Know Thy Self. Your test scores will be coming for you to see between August 2024 and October 2024. Next year, 2024 vibrational energy adds up to 8, the energy of manifesting abundance.



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