Finding my Calling as a Paranormal Investigator


Do you believe we have a calling? Have you been called? What have you been called to do? Was it something so big that it changed your life? Was it something you were called to do on a smaller level yet provided great satisfaction? In a magazine about all these talented people who share so much of themselves, I am sure many (if not all) have been called. I know I have been called.

I never thought I would be a paranormal investigator, let alone one that uses mediumship skills to communicate with spirits and help them crossover. When I decided to get into the paranormal investigation field, it was all about the ghost-hunting equipment for me, and the idea of mediumship was not even a thought. Don’t get me wrong. I believed but did not think I had any spirit communication gifts, such as mediumship. However, when I finally took the plunge and started to work in this field on my own, a transformation took place.

On this occasion, I did a very quick run through the Old St. Walburga Cemetery in Hassan, MN, which is not far from where I live and is considered a haunted location. It was a hot July day, and several things happened that made it clear to me then that I could help spirits. I felt them all around me.

The Old St. Walburga Cemetery dates back to the 1860s, and there were a lot of children’s graves. After I did my “investigation” of the cemetery, which was nothing more than me using the spirit box to see if anyone would talk to me, I sat in my car outside the cemetery. I looked to my left past the driver’s side window, and in front of the mirror, there appeared to be an anomaly of something the size of a child with a human form. It was there for a split second, but I jumped and hit my head on the car’s ceiling. I believe a child’s spirit wanted to reach out to me.

Starting that night and literally, for the next six months, I dreamt about being a paranormal investigator – every night. In my dreams, I was in haunted locations, but nothing was creepy. I was helping people. I was helping spirits and the living. I never felt so optimistic!

These dreams were partly how I came up with my motto in the paranormal: “This isn’t our story; this is their story.” The other reason I came up with this motto is that I see too many paranormal investigators that want to insert themselves into the narrative. Remember, it’s not about us!

So if you want to become a paranormal investigator or even a medium, you should ask yourself about THE reason you want to work in this field. Is it a desire for fame, which is selfish, or to provide a service, helping spirits and people?

I help clients when they need help with spirit communication or interaction. I help spirits in many ways, including crossing them over. I answered the call. I hope you do, too!

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