January’s Full Moon brings us the primal instincts of survival

January’s Full Moon brings us the primal instincts of survival and the howling of wolves, the Wolf Moon. In the dead of winter, wolves were heard howling. Long cold winter nights made finding food difficult; ancient people hearing the wolves howl believed the wolves were hungry like them. January’s Moon asks what are you hunting for? What causes a deep hunger within you that you can’t seem to find? What keeps you from finding what you desire? The fear of the unknown or feeling like you don’t have the resources to get what you’re looking for.

January 2024 full moon astrology forecast

The illumination of the Full Moon shines on the dark places within, the places you don’t want to go to or tend to. You may notice those things demanding your attention and forcing you to begin making changes as we move from the cold winter months into spring.

This Wolf Moon occurs in the sign of Leo, the Lion. Leo asks us to be brave with these desires and changes. Understanding why we want what we do and how we have let fear keep us small is a great prompt to consider this Full Moon. Processing the emotions, we want to ignore will bring a fresh start for the new year. Leo represents the ego and creativity, allow it to shine through you.

Lion and wolf are loyal pack animals; how are your pack or pride’s resources? Has the cold winter months dwindled the connections your pack needs to thrive? Combining both Wolf and Lion brings a very powerful energy this month that can give you the extra push to put yourself and your needs first, are you loyal to yourself? Have you put yourself at the end of your to-do list and felt the consequences of not filling your cup? What resources can be used to show yourself some tender loving care?

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