Life After… Our Physical Life


What is our life like after our physical life is complete? Do we continue into the beyond? As I have worked with those who have passed and no longer have a physical body, my perception of physical death has changed.

I have worked with a Team in the non-physical realm throughout my life. They are always teaching me more about their world through the mediumship sessions I do for people and by talking to me directly. When we pass, we are always met or greeted by others who have already passed. They may be family, friends, pets, Angels, or a combination of these entities. Those on the other side are anticipating a reunion with us, full of love and support.

People who have had what we may consider a difficult or tragic passing experience something a little different. They have shown me that someone came to get them and remove them from the situation before their passing. Their physical body was experiencing the tragic passing, but their soul was now separate from their physical body and observing. It is similar to when you have surgery, and your body experiences the pain, but you are separated from it and don’t remember.

life after our physical life

Those who have passed attend their celebration of life – sometimes, with passed family, friends, Angels, and others walking with Jesus. Those who ask expect Jesus to be there for them, and Jesus is happy to be with all who ask. He can be with multiple people around the world at once because he is multi-dimensional, just as we are.

Many who pass continue to show support for people here in multiple ways – letting you know they are around by using electronics, songs, moving items, dreams, feelings, knowing, and anything else possible to get your attention. They can bring people or opportunities to make your life easier – answering our prayers when experiencing abuse, mental anguish, or physical pain, sending signs, or a loving, supportive presence in your time of need. They want people to call on them whenever and as much as they want or need. They are able to be in multiple places at one time as they are fully stepping into their multi-dimensionality. There is no time or space in their world. They are still playing a supportive role without a physical body.

The more we connect to and acknowledge them, the more they derive immense pleasure in knowing they are making a positive impact on us and our world. How good does it feel for you to help someone and have them appreciate it? They feel the same way when they help us. They want us to strengthen our connection to them.

We are bringing our worlds together as they teach us more about themselves, their world, and how they can help bring change to this world we live in. When we experience changes to our relationships, friendships, and the beauty of the world, create material accomplishments, and learn and grow, they do, too. We are navigating the new connected world together as a Team.


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Angela Zabel
Angela has connected to those on the other side her entire life. People who passed and those from other realms, here to support us. Healing energy, messages from those that passed and information to help you on your journey, are shared with compassion. Offering online and in person private and group sessions, personal and spiritual growth coaching, classes and retreats at


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