Starcodes: February 2-8

Starcodes reading for the week of February 2-8, 2024

Aquarius is not all “Age of Aquarius – harmony and understanding, sympathy and trust abounding” as the song once said, though that is a wonderful goal and an expression of his higher notes. Aquarius points towards group dynamics, how we are influenced by changing collective attitudes and how we can influence that zeitgeist. It symbolizes what happens in crowds, whether big league football games or distraught people under assault or massing over borders. For the next few decades Pluto in Aquarius demands we ask how we can work together to tackle the real problems of our time, and deal with climate change, starvation, overcrowding, all problems created by the prolific human species.

Mercury symbolizes how we think and talk. It leaves industrious Capricorn – where it’s been for the last month – and joined the Sun and Pluto in Aquarius on Sunday and brings our mind to the work. This week somewhere, in the background of our lives, questions will come about our place in group, whether that group is our family, our community, a Facebook group, or role in world politics. Look for headlines around immigration versus land ownership, the rights of one people over another, and deep questions about how we take care of one another.

Venus and Mars are both in Capricorn for the week, which can help us put art into our work and work into art. It can help us love our work, or want to, and or engage it with a whole heart – but let’s remember we are more than our work and remember to garden our personal life as well. Relationships can take work, though, so under stress – practice good relationship skills. Side-step manipulation rather than get into a war of wills and stay self-responsible about one’s own heart. Kindness furthers.

On Friday, we start off with an ambiguity, a tension between our need for a private life and our role in the bigger picture as a Scorpio Moon squares the Aquarius Sun and opposes Uranus and Jupiter.

Old resentments can come up, anger at a world process or a personal wound could arise as Mercury approaches a conjunction with Pluto early next week. But it can also mark new beginnings, and end of an old way of thinking which allows us to see more clearly, as long as we take responsibility for our life rather than project our work onto others.

The week starts under a more flexible, make the best of the situation, Sagittarius Moon. Midweek the competent Capricorn Moon adds an extra torque to our willpower, a time to pursue goals, but remember to keep the heart open.

starcodes week of February 2 through 8

Friday, February 2: Friday starts with an ambiguous tension between our private life, and our role in the bigger picture as the Scorpio Moon forms a t-square with the Aquarius Sun, Uranus and Jupiter in Taurus, all stubborn fixed signs. Don’t bother arguing; if necessary, take a stand and then go on about business. Get out of oppositional thinking, connect the heart to the head and pour willful strength into creative process or compassionate actions. Make an offering of kindness midafternoon as the Moon sextile Venus. Workaround a possible wildcard or restless sleep tonight as the Moon opposes Uranus.

Moon trine Saturn 2:39 AM, Mercury sextile Neptune 3:54 AM, Moon opposes Jupiter 4:17 AM, Moon sextile Venus 3:09 PM, Moon square Sun 4:17 PM.

Saturday, February 3: The mood is less stubborn but strangely disjointed. We can accomplish and connect on important matters but could run on our own tracks and not bother with social niceties. Traditions and routines further. Midday, listen for needed information. Laugh and dance towards midnight as the Moon enters Sagittarius.

Moon opposed Uranus 2:54 AM, Moon sextile Mars 9:42 AM, Moon trine Neptune 3:42 PM, Moon sextile Mercury 8:24 PM, Moon enters Sagittarius 11:27 PM.

Sunday, February 4: Tricky decisions need to be made over the next few days. To make clear decisions, instead of obsessing – though that’s easy to do – take a real break and create a moment of joy. Tonight a shift in perspective is available as Mercury enters Aquarius – go looking for it. As Mercury approaches Pluto our situation can feel heavier than it really is—do not borrow trouble from the future.

Moon sextile Pluto 12:19 AM, Moon square Saturn 12:09 PM, Mercury enters Aquarius 10:10 PM.

Monday, February 5: Look out for a restless depression this morning, watch where the mind perseverates. Meditation furthers. Our minds can get stuck in a groove, so choose carefully where to focus and put this focus to good use. Mercury conjuncts Pluto, precipitates endings and beginnings and clears the ground for the next step.

Venus square Chiron 4:49 AM, Moon sextile Sun 4:55 AM, Sun sextile Chiron 5:26 AM, Mercury conjunct Pluto 5:57 AM, Moon square Neptune 10:06 PM.

Tuesday, February 6: We’ll be ready to leave some habit, place, or situation behind and strike out into fresh territory. Put systems in place, set healthy boundaries. Today’s competent Capricorn forms friendly aspects to Saturn and Jupiter and helps us build, but people may feel driven and not be particularly friendly. If so, speak to the work and don’t take it personally. If someone gets pushy, rather than push back, hold the ground and stay future focused.

Moon enters Capricorn 5:09 AM, Moon sextile Saturn 5:18 PM, Moon trine Jupiter 6:40 PM.

Wednesday, February 7: Today’s competent Capricorn Moon forms friendly aspects to Saturn and Jupiter and helps us build, organize, and beautify; make this an architectural day. People may feel driven and not be particularly friendly, so speak to the work and don’t take their distraction personally. If someone gets pushy, rather than push back, hold the ground and stay future focused. In relationships, it’s a good day to create more room for both freedom and security in the next phase. We need room to grow while feeling safe and supported.

Moon conjunct Venus 1:12 PM, Moon trine Uranus 1:18 PM, Venus trine Uranus 2:25 PM, Mars sextile Neptune 5:20 PM.

Thursday, February 8: Gather information and don’t jump to conclusions on this potentially unsettling day. We’re ready to make changes as the Sun squares Uranus and the Moon enters Aquarius but can restlessly flail around unless we keep the goal clear. Experiment, speak to people about those changes, but keep the heart connected and mind focused as the Moon conjunct Mars, Pluto, and Mercury.

Moon sextile Neptune 12:29 AM, Moon conjunct Mars 12:52 AM, son sextile Uranus 3:45 AM, Moon enters Aquarius 6:59 AM, Moon conjunct Pluto 7:57 AM, Moon conjunct Mercury 4:25 PM, Moon squares Jupiter 8:09 PM.

Provided by Heather Roan Robbins




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