A Channeling with Echo Bodine

I was recently a guest speaker at the Edge Life Events Reawakened holistic expo on March 2nd. When I walked in to begin my presentation, I had no idea what I was going to talk about. Recently my work has changed and I’m channeling more and more often. I asked the crowd if anyone had a question, and a man raised his hand and asked how we are going to get balance back into the world.

I waited for about ten seconds and in came my new spirit team and I began channeling their answers. They are a male spirit named Robert and an Angel named Lilli who has been with me for years.

Here is what they said: Things have been out of balance for quite a while, and the balancing started with Ukraine. And what we have been watching on TV, the radio and the internet is destruction everywhere. And what it has done is open our hearts. He says that is actually a good thing, because we are still recovering from the pandemic. We have all learned how to adapt to something like that and even though more people have gotten on with their jobs, and we can go to the neighbors’ again and we don’t have to wear masks if we don’t want to, we are still being affected by the pandemic energy.

And so, when the war started with Ukraine, that kind of shook all of us up, because we couldn’t believe that this was something we were watching, being a part of seeing families and all the pain that they’re going through. It’s like we’ve been through so much, even if we’re not there in Ukraine and Russia. We are still very connected to them because of the pandemic and ALL of us need healing.

There was a new energy that came into earth from the angelic kingdom since last October. We, the angelic community, have taken a deep interest in earth. We have been very concerned about all of you since you went through the pandemic. We know that you lost loved ones.

We know that you lost jobs. We know that you ran out of money. We know that behind everything, there is still fear inside your hearts, and you’re doing your best to move ahead.

We had a meeting, I guess you would call it, with the higher-ups; and we said we want to go to earth. We want to bring in new energy. These people need new energy. They need to feel hopeful because when they turn on their TV and computers, the hope goes away. These people are struggling every day and the higher-ups agreed that Earth needs new energy.

Now, Lilli is saying they started to send energy in at the end of October. The actual date was October 24th. That’s when we started to bring in new energy. We had to do it slowly to not overwhelm you. It sounds funny to say we don’t want to overwhelm you with love, but that’s exactly how it is. We must bring it in a little bit at a time. We just can’t flood you with hope and love. We must do it a different way. We worked on you, and tried to send it again, and tried to work through the media to try to bring in positive information.

And that can be hard to do because many media spots that we found are determined to scare you – to bring you to your knees so to speak; and we’re sorry we have to say it that way. It’s very unfortunate, but what’s behind it is money. And again, we’re sorry we have to say it. There are many, many, many good people in the media, don’t get us wrong. But we have bumped into resistance bringing good news to you…

channeling with Echo Bodine

Then, January showed up and we brought in a much stronger energy to help lift you up. January… February… March… April… May… June. We are going to continue to bring in more hopeful energy and more loving energy, because the people on earth have been through enough.

She says the world needs to know that we are here with you. Some of you have felt or sensed this energy. You started to feel it in October, but you weren’t sure because it wasn’t really strong, but it felt like let me see if something changed. But there’s truly been a change, and we call it the Energy of 2024. We are seeing the planet shifting away from the imbalance on earth, and we see you turning your thoughts around, thinking of things in a different way. And what we need to tell you is that it’s okay to think positively again. It’s okay.

We know that it’s difficult here on earth to believe in positivity, because things happen so fast. She says an example is your weather. Your weather is all over the place, nothing that anyone can count on. But there’s been a reason for that. It has been waking people up because a lot of people have been living in a coma and we don’t want that for you. There’s a lot of joy on your planet. There’s a lot of great things to see and do. But because of fear, you are afraid to see or believe in goodness.

She says it was the word ‘balance’ that got our attention. Balance is what’s coming in this year. We know you’re all wondering “How in the world is this going to happen?” Now, no one predicted your winter, did you? So don’t try to figure out how this is going to happen because we have ideas. This winter got your attention here in Minnesota, and it’s gotten the attention of a lot of people around the world. A lot of people have woken up from their comas. We must do what we have to do to wake people up.

We want you to feel hopeful again. We do. Because the energy of 2024 is very positive, very positive. You can ask any astrologer or any psychic who is good at seeing the future. The intention of 2024 is to bring happiness back to people and heal the fears in people and your job is not to assume anything.

In 2024, the things we expect will happen aren’t going to happen. We need to change the way we think about everything. Because Robert says that there are a lot of strings being pulled right now by the higher-ups. They really want to help earth heal. So, you go on TV, and you see that all the ice caps are melting, and everyone panics. Well, the earth is entitled to change whenever she wants. She doesn’t have to go by somebody’s schedule. That’s an example of a change we’re going to see and experience.

Let the changes happen. Don’t panic. Don’t panic. Just sit back and say: Hmmm, well that’s interesting. Look at that just happened. I’ll be darned. It’s 70 degrees on March 2nd. Instead of panicking and saying: oh, I bet we’ll get dumped 80 feet of snow in April like other people are, just stay calm and don’t assume anything.

And just sit back and watch how financial institutions this year are going to be changing. It’s called humanity. Humanity is stepping into financial institutions. So, how things look today financially, don’t worry. There’s a lot of help coming from the higher-ups. They are sending excellent ideas to the financial community as to how they can operate in a loving manner; how they can be your friend not your foe.

Medicine is continuing, and you’re going to hear a lot of new ideas this year. For example, with cancer. Cancer has been an elusive disease on your planet. A person hears the word ‘cancer’ and doesn’t know what to think anymore. What’s happening this year is that you are all going to see it’s no longer such a deadly disease. Enough is enough. Times are changing on your planet.

This is interesting. There is more love coming out of people this year. You’re going to find yourself being more loving and less critical. And you’re also going to learn what it means to put yourself first. What’s happening this year is that you’re all going to stop and say: You know, I’ve heard that for years. So, why don’t I do it? Maybe that is a good idea. So, things are going to change there also. You’re going to find yourself waking up in the morning asking yourselves: What can I do today to make myself feel good? To make myself feel happy? Because, in some ways, this optimism will start showing up more and more and more.

He says he hates bringing up the division in politics. All I’m going to say is that this year, you are going to be very clear about what you want. You’ve had a taste of the good and the bad. And now, you are going to choose what is good for YOU, not the rest of the world. You’re not going to follow a party because that’s what your family always did. I see each one of you kind of getting unstuck from other people’s opinions. And you’re stepping off to the side by yourself and you’re saying: I’m going to take an inventory here of what I really want for the country. And it’s not based on anything anyone close to you has to say.

You’re going to see this kind of change from June on. Things will be different in June. He shows me a picture of glasses, and they have grease on them. He says that a lot of people aren’t seeing clearly and then in June it’s like somebody comes along, and they grab your glasses, clean them all up and hand them back to you. And it’s like you say: Wow! I can see well. And that’s a positive. That’s a positive. The reason we think it’s so important is now you will make choices based on what you want and not what other people’s greasy glasses are saying. He says we are not saying who or what. That is completely up to you.

But you will find yourself from June on thinking differently about politics. So, the good news is that the pain you went through in the pandemic is going away. It’s going to heal this year. Even if you’re someone who doesn’t want hope or change or life to get better, after a while you won’t even have a choice. You’ll see it around you. You’ll see how the earth is finding a way to put herself in order. And that is what the earth is doing right now. She has felt out of order with all the fear and anger that has been present in this world. And the poor earth has been trying to cope as best as she can. But you can see now with the weather that she’s been having a hard time.

So, let the earth guide you. Okay? When something happens with the weather, check with your intuition. Now, some of you believe that intuition is the voice of your source, the source that created you. And some of you think that intuition is just a silly thing. But intuition is like an umbilical cord from you to the source who created you. And if you have trouble with concept or idea of the word ‘God,’ then don’t use it. Use the word ‘creator,’ because there is literally a connection between you and the source who created you billions of years ago.

You’ve been around a long time. Yes, you have. You’ve all had the most interesting lives. Yes, you have. And you have lived on other planets. And no, you don’t remember. Because you’re not supposed to. Because life on earth is intense enough without remembering your life in another solar system. So don’t worry about it. It was a life you lived; and you enjoyed it; and then you said: Okay, I want to go back to earth, I heard they changed. So here you are.

Coming to earth, as you all know, is not a picnic. It’s a hard place to come and grow and feel all the different emotions you feel all the time. You are, without a doubt, the most compassionate planet in the universe. Each one of you, even if you don’t want to be compassionate, you know what it feels like to live in fear, to live in hatred, to live in sorry, to feel grief, to be in love. You know all the different feelings that this planet gives you. Yes, you do.

You are the most compassionate planet out there. We in the angelic kingdom love earth. We love every one of you. Now, speaking of spirit teams, you may not believe you have a spirit team, but you do. Every one of you in this room, in this building, on this planet, you all have a spirit team. Honestly.

They know your life’s purpose, why you wanted to come here. They guide you through dreams. They guide you internally. Is it important to know their names? No. They have an energy to them. All angels have an angelic energy to them. That’s what we would like you to know. Our voices? No, we aren’t audible like you can be. We think to you, we send you love, we send you inspiration. So please, even if your intellect says: Oh, that’s crazy, I don’t have any angels caring about me. If I had an angel caring about me, I wouldn’t have had to go through that car accident. No, it’s not like that. They can’t prevent what your soul has asked to experience. They don’t do that. Everything that’s happened in your life is an experience that your soul wanted to have. It’s true. It doesn’t do any good to get mad at God or your angels. Just talk to your soul and ask it what the purpose was of each of the challenges you’ve gone through. You will get answers through visions, dreams, inspirations, etc.

This is the year where the energy on earth shifts. This is the year that is meant to turn things around so that your lives are not so difficult. So that you don’t have to wake up in the morning and say: Oh no, not another day. It’s not like that. We, the angelic kingdom, are really trying to bring a flood of love energy into your head.




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