Starcodes: April 26 – May 2

Starcodes reading for the week of April 26 – May 2, 2024

Recombobulate. Straighten out recent problems, pick up threads of a project, Mercury just turn direct after a three week-retrograde and we have some clean up to do. Our job right now is to dream, consider possibilities, and prepare over the weekend as Mars conjuncts Neptune. Momentum picks up next week, so let’s get back on track.

We have an opportunity to come through a portal and change a personal or political era over the course of this spring. First the eclipse in early April shifted groundwork, last week’s Jupiter-Uranus conjunction then seeded new technology and social-political unrest, and that recent Mercury retrograde cycle completed a chapter and offered a reset point. All while the Sun flares and turns up the volume on history. Mars conjunct Saturn last week and instructed us to dissolve old structural securities and reinvent our support; this week we’re encouraged to wake up and envision our road forward as Mars conjuncts inspiring, dreamy Neptune.

This new road gets a fresh power pack as Mars enters fiery Aries on Tuesday, so let’s get headed in a good direction so we don’t run into an old wall. We could also see plans unfold which don’t have the best for all sentient beings in mind. Mars supports our standing army, our immune system, and all our defenses. Like any standing army, whether this army is a protective gift or an aggressive curse depends on the wisdom of its leaders. We are the leader of our own internal standing army.

The weekend begins with both the need to clean up and reorganize the past, and with a fresh wind bringing in new possibilities, but this present moment is the only place we can actually get anything done.

Venus enters its own sign of Taurus on Monday and our thoughts may turn to gardening or nurturing a new crop in all the metaphors. We could also feel a bittersweet edge as that Venus squares Pluto while Mars enters Aries on Tuesday. One version of this aspect reminds us that at every fork in the road, we have to let go of one path in order to pursue another. We could also see dramatic action on the world stage which leaves us with an awareness of sorrow, loss, and power struggles as people take actions on plans they brooded upon during the recent Mercury retrograde, Plans that do not have the best for all sentient beings in mind. In our personal lives we may have to catch up on some emotional processing, realize what a close call we came through.

The week ends on a more sensitized note as the Moon enters Pisces midday on Thursday. That sensitivity can be emotional, but seasonal allergies or other irritants could also flare up. Powerful Pluto turns retrograde on Thursday and reminds us the great power struggles of our time don’t go away until there is safety and empowerment for all sentient beings. But we can live our individual lives with more hearts, more peace, and the power to help direct the future.

starcodes astrology week of April 26 through May 2

Friday, April 26: Recombobulate. We begin to look a little farther afield, see the bigger picture, but like a shaken bottle of bubbly water, once the lid is open, so much can come flooding out. Much comes unjammed after Mercury turned direct yesterday and semi-sextiles Saturn today; Mercury now loans us the steadiness to handle that flood and some potentially tedious reorganization. Get ready for the next chapter, but don’t hurry, with a major reset in progress there’s no point in building momentum yet, just straighten out the path. A Sagittarius Moon encourages honesty, laughter, and reconnection.

The Moon makes no major aspects during the day but approaches a trine to Mercury on Saturday morning.

Saturday, April 27: Be kind as well as honest. Expect restlessness with delays as the Sagittarius Moon pushes us towards springtime frolic, but that Moon also squares Saturn and loads up obligations, chores, or some minor limitations which need to be dealt with first. Reward good behavior with a spontaneous moment and a whiff of the green world. Evening restlessness can bring minor accidents or arguments unless we pay attention as the Moon approaches a midnight square to Mars. Speak up, be honest but be kind, there is no point in saying more than is useful in the name of clearing the air; assess whether it will really further the situation before trying to talk it out now.

Moon trine Mercury 1:59 AM, Moon square Saturn 2:21 AM.

Sunday, April 28: Look for any revelations about recent misperceptions or mistakes- and fix them. We may want to be busily decisive as the Moon enters industrious Capricorn, but it’s still premature. Dream the future into action as active Mars conjuncts inspirational Neptune. Figure out how to honor one another’s feelings, though it may feel like a step backwards, it will actually be the most efficient and productive way forward. This is true for political negotiations, work teams, and family dynamics. This aspect can also leave us feeling permeable, sensitized to pollen and the effects of words upon our soul. Watch for problematic weather and liquids.

Moon square Mars 12:15 AM, Moon trine Venus 12:56 AM, Moon square Neptune 1:30 AM, Moon enters Capricorn 3:37 AM, Moon trine Sun 8:27 AM, Mars conjunct Neptune 10:30 PM.

Monday, April 29: Our thoughts turn to seed catalogs and seedbed preparation in all its metaphors as Venus joins the Sun, Uranus, and Jupiter all in cuddly, embodied Taurus. In the rich, fertile loam of the weeks ahead, plant seedlings, ideas, relationships, and good karma for future harvest. Morning starts industriously but a bit nervy, call us to work on the past, by evening we turn forwards as that Moon trines Uranus and Jupiter.

Venus enters Taurus 5:31 AM, Moon sextile Saturn 9:28 AM, Moon square Mercury 9:44 AM, Moon trine Uranus 7:49 PM, Moon trine Jupiter 10:39 PM.

Tuesday, April 30: And now the race begins; life, particularly on the big screen, can take on a superhero/disaster movie simple urgency as Mars enters action-oriented Aries. Make sure a tender heart can live with all sudden decisions as Venus squares Pluto. Consider consequences carefully. Every fork in the road brings both the potential for grief of the road left behind as well as excitement at the new road ahead. Kindness, not enabling, furthers under a collective Aquarian Moon. If the day brings a bittersweet moment and our heart hurts, our heart comes back online if we can help those seeking a solution rather than trying to win.

Moon sextile Neptune 7:25 AM, Moon sextile Mars 9:18 AM, Moon enters Aquarius 9:19 AM, Mars enters Aries 9:32 AM, Moon square Venus 12:04 PM, Moon conjunct Pluto 1 PM, Venus semi-square Saturn, 1:04 PM, Venus square Pluto 11:29 PM.

Wednesday, May 1: Expect stubbornness. May there be flowers waiting at the door on this first May morning. Where we have planted the seeds of healthy social constructs, we now see new growth. Look for group action, protests, social support. Where we have chosen, or felt it necessary, to go our own way rather than do that community work, we could feel a cool breeze. Make an effort to break isolation, bring flowers to another’s door.

Moon square Sun 5:27 AM, Moon sextile Mercury 3:47 PM.

Thursday, May 2: Power dynamics shift, but it could be a weather system, war, or breakfast politics. Step towards mutual empowerment and be honest about danger as Pluto retrogrades and the Moon enters sensitizing Pisces. Don’t buy into any of those power struggles, empower the heart to lead the way into a good place. Tonight, as that sensitive Moon sextiles Venus, share concrete support, good food, and positive feedback for managing recent risks.

Moon square Uranus 12:05 AM, Moon square Jupiter 3:28 AM, Pluto turns retrograde 11:46 AM, Moon enters Pisces 12:15 PM, Moon sextile Sun 8:21 PM.

Provided by Heather Roan Robbins




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