Christine Day’s Pleiadian Message for May 2024

Beloved ones we greet you,

The ‘winds of change’ are flowing across the earth plane, the wheel turns as Earth begins to enter a higher cycle of consciousness, aligning to alternate multidimensional levels within this resident Universe.

We, the Pleiadians are playing our role with humanity, this is part of our mission for this incarnation. We hold the energetics of a Platform of unconditional love steady for those of you who are on this awakening path. This Platform allows you to begin to move into a state of self-acceptance of your human idiocracies, which is an aspect of self-love. We witness you taking steps forward, maturing into your own unique frequency of light as you unfold.

Be still in moments as you open and begin to glimpse a new sacred pulse that is running through the natural forces on your planet. In truth, as you open to this pulsing you naturally begin to become part of this higher vibrational space. These spaces enable you move deeper within this returning network which is being held open for you by the consciousness held within this Universe.

Open your awareness within this shifting pulse each new day. As you connect to your Heart you will begin to realign, to reclaim ownership of your place here on the planet and open to the unique role you are to play within this Universe. Right in this moment there is much of your higher potential waiting for you to reclaim. By holding a focused purpose of returning, allowing this to be your inner mantra for yourself you naturally open into a state of receivership and simultaneously the flow of a returning frequency enters your heart cells.

The magnitude of love which awaits you is vast. Remember your origin heritage is one of love, your multi-dimensional heart cells have arisen from the vibrational light containing the frequency of love.

Within these current expansive shifts of your planet your energetic system is undergoing an energetic spin that is arising from the Magnetic core of Earth. Your cells are being regenerated to hold a significantly higher frequency of your own light. The crystalline structure that is surrounding your cells is being transformed, so that there is a higher sacred resonance that will flow within the cell’s membrane. This spinning process is designed to create powerful ‘letting go’ within you.

Pleiadian message for May 2024 message from Christine Day

There is to be a natural vast shedding of density from your systems to take place, like an old shell falling away from your physical body. As your systems regenerate in the light, belief systems from the past will begin to fall away, which will accelerate your transformation.

The time is nearing when you begin to receive a pure humming fluid resonance within the cells of your Heart. This humming will reflect your higher consciousness light that will automatically interact from the membrane of your heart cells into your Pineal center, setting in motion another level of your awakening, of your remembering process. This happening is part of a destined process that was pre-ordained for those who are to play the role of being ‘a way-shower’ for the rest of humanity.

Each time you consciously align through your Heart space you will begin to receive this humming resonance within your heart cells. As this resonance builds you will be enabled to hold a steady frequency of higher light within your Heart centers to help stabilize the new energetics of Earth for the rest of humanity to awaken. You will hold a Platform for all to remember!

Know that at a certain moment there will be a mass awakening. The veils of illusion will lift off the planet, at that juncture many human beings are destined to awaken. Just as though they have been in a dream playing within this illusion on the earth plane. They will simply remember who they are, experiencing their natural radiance heritage of being a divine being. Understand each human being has a sacred component fully intact, waiting just beyond the veil of illusion.

Your systems are currently being redefined through a series of light patterns which are flowing onto the planet in different phase cycles. These patterns carry multidimensional overlays that are designed to work in full alignment within your multi-dimensional systems. These systems within you have been lying dormant within you until this time. Your cells are being immersed within these fluid light patterns and restored to an alternate frequency which realigns you to your Home vibrational light. This process is impacting the crystalline structure that surrounds each cell, preparing the crystalline structure for this upcoming transformation.

As your crystalline structure frequency undergoes transformation the electrical system within your brain, telepathic center and brain synapses will enable your entire energetic sacred system to realign to a higher functioning state of your consciousness. You are being anchored into a returning of Self through the light as you let go and consciously choose to flow within this process of transmutation. Over the coming months leading into the end of this calendar year you must focus on letting go and allowing this metamorphic shift within. This is what you have been waiting for. “You are who you have been waiting for”!

Use this Process to Fully Utilize these Elements:

1. The sacred pulse emanating: As you consciously open to this pulsing you naturally begin to become part of this higher vibrational space to enable you move deeper within this returning framework, which is being held open for you by this Universe at this juncture.

#1 Sacred Sound: ENTANTAH (pronounced entarn tar)

2. Your systems are currently being redefined through a series of light patterns which are flowing onto the planet in different phase cycles between now and the end of this calendar year. These patterns activate multi-dimensional overlays of you, that fully align within your multidimensional systems.

#2 Sacred Sound: AHNNN… (pronounced arnnn…)

First Process to Begin:

A: Connect to your Heart space, by placing both palms on your upper chest. Bring your awareness and place one conscious breath like a soft wind into where you are holding your palms. Repeat until you feel see or sense the opening of your Heart connection, this can be in the form of heat, color, movement of sense of flow. Remember wherever your awareness is holding, your breath naturally enters that space.

B: Bring your #1 sound into the space that you see sense or feel. Feel see or sense the essence of this sacred pulse opening through your Heart space. Each time you utilize the #1 sound in your Heart space you align deeper to the sacred pulse.

C: Letting go, opening your awareness further into the pulse, take a conscious breath and let go where you find yourself. feel see or sense yourself becoming part of this higher consciousness space. Utilize the #1 sound as you need to.

D: Anchor the words, “I AM” within the space that you find yourself. feel see or sense a further alignment energy moving through you as you anchor these words.

E: When you feel complete for this moment bring all your awareness back to both palms resting on your Heart space. Take a conscious breath and let go.

Second Process:

At another time you can utilize this process to open to the light patterns. You would use the same process; however, you will use the #2 Sacred Sound to begin to align within the series of light patterns.

Now is the time frame for your returning to Self, a natural process of becoming your sacred resonance once more. The words “I AM” within your Heart cells is going to support this relaunching of Self. “I AM” claims ownership of your sacred truths and of this returning. You are One, the only one who can fully claim and forge this vibrational reality within your systems.

We witness you as you are being revealed to yourself through the light!

The Pleiadians


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