Inspirational self-help book “How to Think & Succeed by Empowering your Mind” released

To all my readers and subscribers who read my inspirational articles I wanted to share with you some thrilling news! Over the past year I have been working tirelessly on a brand-new wellness book that is now available and I wanted to share it with you.

Introducing “How to Think & Succeed by Empowering your Mind”. Discover your secret mental tools to enjoy a life of happiness and abundance.

This is a groundbreaking wellness and personal development book that is set to revolutionize the way people approach their personal and professional lives so they can untap their hidden potential and become the best they can be.

Lori Gradley think and succeed by empowering your mind book

Have you ever struggled with a self image that leaves you feeling powerless over your own life? Are doubts, fears and negative thought patterns creating roadblocks that keep you from improving your life? If inner peace and happiness has become elusive no matter how hard you try, this refreshingly new perspective found in this new wellness book will support you in finding the answers.

This self-help book is a culmination of over 35 years of study and research that encompasses a step-by-step strategy to help people tap into their inner strength to overcome the obstacles in life that stand in their way. Complete with 16 chapters, worksheets, exercises and clear instruction we believe that this book has the power to transform lives and help support people to achieve personal and professional success.
Just a few reviews we have received so far:

“An empowering book that guides the reader on an in-depth, thought-provoking path of inspiration, science, and the awe of the power of a positive mindset”
– Dr. L. Brown, ND, Holistic Naturopath

“This book is a game changer as it unveils the untapped power of the mind and its vast potential. This step-by-step strategy frees you from negative habits paving the way for a deeper transformation to take place”
– C. Twizell, CEO, Designs4Media

“An empowering beacon of light for those seeking to unlock their full potential and deepen their journey of self discovery. A must read for anyone with a desire to unleash their greatness”
– S. Rufener, Owner, Trans4Med Fitness

How to Think and Succeed by Empowering your Mind is a roadmap to happiness, health and prosperity. By discovering how to harness the power of your mind you will be able to cultivate an enhanced self image and create a positive mindset. By simply learning how to adjust mindset people can unlock their potential, remove negative habit patterns they have become conditioned with and manifest an abundant, happier life.

We have an exciting Special Bonus to offer anyone that purchases the book. These free gifts have been carefully selected to complement the valuable insights and strategies that are shared in this book. Now available! Find out how to order, watch our new video and learn how to receive your free gifts at




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