Navigating the Ascension and Realizing Our Inner Powers

navigating the ascension process and realizing our inner power

Moving Away from External Sources

In a world where external sources such as organized religion have played a dominant role in shaping our beliefs and values, it is time for us to break free. It is important to recognize that these external sources, while they may provide guidance and structure, can also be limiting and prevent us from discovering our own sovereignty.

When we rely solely on external sources, we risk losing touch with our own intuition and inner wisdom. We become dependent on others to tell us what to believe and how to live our lives. This not only strips us of our personal power but also creates a system of control where few dictate the beliefs of many.

However, moving away from external sources does not mean abandoning spirituality altogether. It is about finding our own truth and tapping into our own inner guidance system. It is about realizing that we have the power to determine our own path and make our own choices. We do not need someone else to tell us what is right or wrong.

Discovering our own sovereignty means taking responsibility for our own spiritual journey. It means being open to exploring different beliefs and practices without blindly following a predetermined set of rules. It means trusting our own intuition and discerning what resonates with us on a deep level.

By moving away from external sources, we can create a more authentic and fulfilling spiritual experience. We can cultivate a sense of empowerment and agency in our lives. Instead of following someone else’s teachings, we can become our own spiritual teachers, guiding ourselves towards our own unique truth.

It is important to note that moving away from external sources does not mean rejecting community or connection with others. We can still seek support and guidance from like-minded individuals. The difference is that we do so as equals, sharing and learning from each other’s experiences rather than blindly following a leader.

In conclusion, moving away from external sources like organized religion is a powerful act of reclaiming our own power and sovereignty. It is about recognizing that we have the ability to shape our own beliefs and define our own spiritual path. It is about trusting ourselves and our own intuition. Let us break free from the limitations of external sources and create our own authentic spiritual journey.

Accessing Our Fullest Potential

Have you ever wondered about your fullest potential? What if I told you that there is a concept called Christ Consciousness that can help us access our gifts and talents from different dimensions?

Christ Consciousness is the idea that we all have the potential to embody the qualities and abilities of Christ. It is not limited to any one religion but rather encompasses the essence of love, compassion, and wisdom that Jesus Christ exemplified.

By tapping into Christ Consciousness, we can access the vast resources of knowledge, creativity, and spiritual power that lie within us. It is a state of heightened awareness where we align with our true selves and the greater universal consciousness.

One way to deepen our understanding of Christ Consciousness and how to access it is through the book ‘Cosmic Origin.’ This groundbreaking resource bridges ancient metaphysics with cutting-edge science to explain the multidimensional nature of reality.

The book explores different dimensions beyond our physical realm and how our consciousness can expand to access these realms. It delves into the concept of Christ Consciousness as a gateway to other dimensions and presents practical techniques for developing our spiritual gifts.

Through ‘Cosmic Origin,’ we learn that our potential is not limited to this earthly existence. We can tap into the limitless possibilities of the universe and access our divine gifts and talents. By expanding our consciousness and connecting with higher dimensions, we open ourselves up to incredible opportunities for growth, healing, and transformation.

Imagine what it would be like to fully embody your gifts and talents from different dimensions. With Christ Consciousness as our guide, we can unlock our true potential and manifest our dreams into reality.

So, if you’re ready to explore the depths of your being and access your fullest potential, I highly recommend diving into ‘Cosmic Origin.’ It will not only expand your understanding of the universe but also empower you to awaken your spiritual gifts and connect with the infinite possibilities that await you.

The Importance of Proper Diet for Maintaining a High Frequency

One of the key factors in maintaining a high frequency is having a proper diet. The food we consume directly affects our energy levels and vibrational frequency. Eating clean, unprocessed foods that are rich in nutrients and high in life force energy can help raise our vibration and maintain a state of high frequency.

When we consume foods that are fresh, organic, and grown in harmony with nature, we are ingesting the highest levels of life force energy. This energy nourishes our physical body, as well as our energetic body, and helps to keep our vibration high.

Some foods that are particularly beneficial for maintaining a high frequency include fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds, and lean protein sources such as legumes and fish. These foods are not only nutritionally dense but also have a high vibration themselves, which can help to raise our own vibration.

On the other hand, processed and artificial foods, such as fast food, sugary snacks, and foods with chemical additives, have a low vibrational frequency. Consuming these foods can lower our vibration and make it more difficult to maintain a state of high frequency.

The Role of Spiritual Practice in Maintaining a High Frequency

In addition to proper nutrition, spiritual practice is another important component of maintaining a high frequency. Spiritual practices such as meditation, yoga, prayer, and mindfulness help to bring us into alignment with our higher selves and connect us to the divine.

Through these practices, we can release negative energy, raise our vibration, and access higher levels of consciousness. They help us to cultivate inner peace, clarity, and a deeper connection to our soul’s purpose.

Regular spiritual practice also helps to strengthen our energetic boundaries, making it easier for us to maintain a high frequency and protect ourselves from negative energies. By creating a daily spiritual routine, we can cultivate a state of spiritual alignment and stay in a high vibrational state throughout the day.

Living from the Heart: A Key to Maintaining a High Frequency

Living from the heart is another important aspect of maintaining a high frequency. When we live from the heart, we operate from a place of love, compassion, and authenticity. We make decisions that are aligned with our highest values and honor our true selves.

Living in this way not only raises our own vibration but also has a positive impact on others and the world around us. When we approach life with an open heart, we attract positive experiences and higher vibrational energies.

Practicing gratitude, forgiveness, and kindness are all ways in which we can live from the heart and maintain a high frequency. By consciously choosing love over fear, we can raise our vibration and create a ripple effect of positivity and transformation.

Transmuting Negative Emotions and Thoughts to Raise Our Frequency

Transmuting negative emotions and thoughts is an important tool for raising our frequency and accessing higher levels of consciousness. Negative emotions and thoughts, such as fear, anger, and judgment, have a low vibrational frequency and can keep us stuck in lower levels of consciousness.

By becoming aware of our negative emotions and thoughts, we can consciously choose to shift our perspective and choose higher vibrational emotions and thoughts instead. This process of transmutation involves acknowledging our emotions, releasing any attachments to them, and consciously choosing love, forgiveness, and compassion.

Practices such as meditation, journaling, and energy healing can also help in transmuting negative emotions and thoughts. By clearing out any stagnant or negative energy from our energetic field, we create space for higher vibrational energies to flow through us.

When we actively work on transmuting negative emotions and thoughts, we raise our vibration and become more in alignment with our true essence. This allows us to access higher levels of consciousness and experience a greater sense of peace, joy, and enlightenment.

The Shift in Consciousness

In today’s rapidly evolving world, the concept of consciousness is taking on a new meaning. The traditional view of individuality and free will is being challenged by the emergence of artificial intelligence and mind hives. In an organic mind hive, individuals maintain their individuality and sovereignty, while in an AI mind hive, individuals are programmed and lack the freedom to make their own choices.

However, the importance of awareness and awakening is being emphasized more than ever before. There is a belief that as more individuals become aware, a shift in consciousness will occur for the collective. This shift is seen as a transformative process where people awaken to their true potential and reconnect with their authentic selves.

The recent acceleration of awakening can be attributed to various events of the past two years, including the global pandemic. As the world went into lockdown, many individuals were forced to pause and reflect on their lives. This period of stillness allowed for introspection and a deeper questioning of the status quo.

There seems to be a tipping point towards love and higher frequency as more people awaken to the power of unity and compassion. This shift in consciousness challenges the current systems of control and manipulation, which thrive on fear and division. As a result, there may be a last-ditch effort to prevent this shift, as those who benefit from the current paradigm try to maintain their grip on power.

Waking up from the programming is an essential step in reclaiming our own power. It involves questioning the narratives that have been imposed upon us and consciously choosing our own beliefs and values. When we awaken, we realize that we are not just passive observers in this world, but active participants who can shape our own reality.

Reclaiming our power is a profoundly transformative journey. It requires us to let go of old conditioning and societal expectations, and instead, listen to our inner voice and intuition. This process of self-discovery allows us to align with our true purpose and live a life that is in harmony with our authentic selves.

Ultimately, the shift in consciousness is a collective endeavor that requires the participation of individuals around the world. By embracing awareness, awakening, and the power to reclaim our own sovereignty, we can create a world that is more compassionate, harmonious, and aligned with love.

Establishing a Relationship with Water

One of the key practices for ascension is establishing a deep and meaningful relationship with water. Water is a powerful element that holds immense healing properties and can assist in cleansing and purifying the body, mind, and spirit.

To establish a relationship with water, it is important to first be mindful of the water you consume. Drinking clean and filtered water is essential for maintaining optimal health and vitality. It is recommended to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to stay hydrated and aid in the elimination of toxins.

Additionally, you can enhance your connection with water by immersing yourself in natural bodies of water such as lakes, rivers, or the ocean. Taking regular baths or showers with the intention of cleansing and rejuvenating your energy can also be beneficial. As you interact with water, visualize it washing away any negativity and bringing in positive energy.

Practicing Gratitude

Another practice for ascension is cultivating an attitude of gratitude. Gratitude is a powerful tool that can shift your perspective and bring more joy and abundance into your life. It is about appreciating the present moment and being thankful for the blessings and lessons that come your way.

To incorporate gratitude into your daily life, you can start by keeping a gratitude journal. Each day, write down three things you are grateful for. This simple practice can help you focus on the positives and create a mindset of abundance and positivity.

Expressing gratitude towards others is also important. Take the time to thank the people in your life who have supported and inspired you. Showing appreciation not only uplifts others but also strengthens your own connection with the world around you.

Being Mindful Throughout the Day

Mindfulness is a practice that involves paying attention to the present moment without judgment. By being fully present in each moment, you can cultivate a deeper sense of awareness and consciousness.

Throughout the day, take moments to pause and check in with yourself. Notice your breath, your thoughts, and your surroundings. Engage all your senses and truly experience the beauty and miracles of life.

Practicing mindfulness can help you develop resilience, reduce stress, and enhance your overall well-being. It allows you to let go of worries about the past or future and instead focus on the richness of the present moment.

Maintaining a High Frequency Lifestyle

To ascend to higher levels of consciousness, it is important to maintain a high frequency lifestyle. This involves making choices that align with your highest self and energy.

Nurturing your physical body by consuming healthy and vibrant foods is one aspect of maintaining a high frequency lifestyle. It is important to choose organic, nutrient-dense foods that nourish and support your body and mind.

Engaging in activities that bring you joy and fulfillment is another key aspect. Surround yourself with people who uplift and inspire you, spend time in nature, practice meditation or yoga, and engage in creative pursuits.

Avoiding lower vibrational habits and patterns such as excessive consumption of alcohol, processed foods, or negative media can also support a high frequency lifestyle. By making conscious choices to raise your energy, you can more easily access higher states of consciousness and align with your true essence.

In addition to these practices, the text mentions the use of supplements and the importance of communicating with food before eating. Supplements can provide additional support to your body and energy field, especially if there are any deficiencies. Communication with food involves expressing gratitude and intention before eating, which can enhance the energetic connection with the food and optimize its nourishing qualities.


Navigating the Ascension and realizing our inner powers is a transformative journey of self-discovery and reclaiming our sovereignty. It requires a conscious effort to move away from external sources and rely on our own inner guidance. By accessing our fullest potential, maintaining a high frequency, and practicing various ascension techniques, we can awaken to our true nature and contribute to the shift in consciousness for the collective.

To embark on this path of self-discovery, it is important to recognize that our power lies within. We often look outside of ourselves for validation, answers, and guidance. However, true empowerment comes from tapping into our innate wisdom and listening to the voice of our soul. By quieting the external noise and trusting our own intuition, we can connect with our inner power and make decisions that align with our highest good.

Moving Away from External Sources

One of the first steps in navigating the Ascension is to free ourselves from the influence of external sources. This includes societal expectations, cultural conditioning, and the opinions of others. It requires questioning the beliefs and ideas that have been handed down to us and reevaluating what truly resonates with our authentic selves. By becoming aware of our conditioning, we can begin to break free from limitations and open ourselves up to new possibilities.

Accessing Our Fullest Potential

Once we have detached ourselves from external sources, we can then focus on accessing our fullest potential. This involves recognizing our unique gifts and talents and using them to make a positive impact in the world. Each of us has a purpose and a role to play in the collective transformation. By aligning with our true calling and honing our skills, we can contribute to the shift in consciousness and create a ripple effect of change.

Maintaining a High Frequency

In order to navigate the Ascension, it is essential to maintain a high frequency. This means cultivating positive thoughts, emotions, and actions, and letting go of any lower vibrational energies that no longer serve us. By choosing love over fear, peace over conflict, and kindness over judgment, we raise our vibration and attract more positive experiences into our lives. This not only benefits us individually but also contributes to the overall collective consciousness.

Practicing Various Ascension Techniques

There are numerous ascension techniques that can support us on this transformative path. These may include meditation, energy healing, breathwork, visualization, sound therapy, and more. By exploring different modalities that resonate with us, we can deepen our connection with our higher selves and accelerate our personal growth. It is important to find practices that resonate with us and make them a regular part of our self-care routine.

Remember, navigating the Ascension is a personal journey, and each individual’s path will be unique. However, by moving away from external sources, accessing our fullest potential, maintaining a high frequency, and practicing various ascension techniques, we can awaken to our true nature and play our part in the collective awakening.




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