Starcodes: May 3-9

Starcodes reading for the week of May 3-9, 2024

Astrologers predicted this spring would be as restless as the incoming tide on a stormy full Moon while the Sun shoots off solar flares creating breathtaking aurora borealis and expansive Jupiter conjuncts change-inducing Uranus. These patterns stir the cauldron and echo the late 1960’s with its political, social, psychological, and spiritual resistance and transformation. The weather is as unsettled as our campuses, the world is stirred up and searching for new answers, reaching for fresh potential. All this while Pluto retrogrades in Aquarius and calls for a few decades societal transformation.

Along with these big picture changes, spring is often the season for revolution. First we feel the complexity of the world’s woes while the Sun is in Pisces. The Aries Sun inspires us to become more action-oriented, brave enough to start over again, less willing to put up with what we perceive as disfunction. We then tend to dig in our heels and work the garden of our imagination under the Taurus Sun. This week the Sun, Venus, Uranus, and Jupiter are all in grounded, stubborn, earthy, sensuous Taurus, with a most fertile new Moon on Tuesday night. What we plant will grow, so let’s be very careful what seeds we plant for our future karmic harvests.

Trouble can arise if we think we have a simple answer. Mercury, Mars, and Chiron now in Aries long for a clean black and white answer, clear good guys and bad guys, but can leave us low on complexity and introspection. Saturn and Neptune now both in subtle Pisces remind us our situation is probably far more complex and nuanced than it appears, with greater historic depth. What looks like a clear way forward may stumble us into the very problems we resist. If we think we have the truth about a person, place, or situation, let’s look with fresh eyes, look under the next layer, empathize with all sides, and search for the truth within.

With Mercury conjunct in Chiron in Aries this week, listening could be difficult, we may want to scream our point of view. But the worst we can do in any situation is to leave any people, any side, feeling unheard. Suppression can create an explosion whereas honest listening helps us see what needs to be done. The Sun conjuncts Uranus and Jupiter in Taurus over the next few weeks and pushes us to make tangible changes in our resources, our property, land, our physicality, our investments and material support, all things earthy, but we need to guide the process.

As we move forward this spring it is essential that we walk our talk, look at all sides of our problem, and make the essential changes necessary without generalizing or overshooting the mark until the dust truly clears.

Weather and awkward water problems could continue to be an issue through the year as Saturn approaches Neptune, and particularly this weekend as the Sun semi-squares Neptune. Just keep an eye out for spills, floods, obfuscation; confirm all facts.

starcodes astrology week of May 3 through 9

Friday, May 3: The vibe is empathetic, determined, but easily confused. We’re called to action as Mars sextile Pluto, but we could feel doubts complicating the situation under a sensitizing Pisces Moon. Don’t get on a high horse about an assumed problem, take it one step at a time. More complex issues weigh heavily as the Moon conjunct Saturn late afternoon, the Sun semi-squares Neptune and can make it hard to see how to move forward. Empathize, feel, but only move forward where the path is clear. Drop the seriousness later in the evening and offer each other sincere empathy and a chance to unwind.

Mars sextile Pluto 3:05 AM, Moon sextile Sun 11:54 AM, Moon conjunct Saturn 5:04 PM, Sun semi-square Neptune 5:50 PM.

Saturday, May 4: Start the day slow and dreamy while the Moon conjuncts Neptune. Then look for a potential new beginning as the Moon enters action-oriented and argumentative Aries around 2:40 PM MDT. We become more action-oriented and enthusiastic, rebellion and adventure seeps in. Evening can be funny, adventurous, or explosive as the Moon conjunct Mars in Aries at 8:17 PM; consider consequences before acting on a sudden impulse. That edge softens late evening and we can grow more thoughtful, speculative.

Moon sextile Uranus 2:28 AM, Moon sextile Jupiter 6:22 AM, Moon conjunct Neptune 1:06 PM, Moon enters Aries 2:40 PM, Moon sextile Pluto 6:07 PM, Moon conjunct Mars 8:17 PM.

Sunday, May 5: The four Taurus planets want practical solutions, embodiment, earthy deliciousness, but there could be major shakeups in our structure and security or a challenge to personal authority as the outspoken Aries Moon conjuncts Mercury while Saturn approaches a semi-square to powerful Pluto. Neither overgeneralize nor sling blame; make progress and stay liberatingly self-responsible.

Moon conjunct Mercury 11:57 PM

Monday, May 6: This could be a day for tough love. A potentially difficult morning with logistical questions can leave us feeling old, limited, or bring challenges with the chain of command as Saturn perfects its semi-square to Pluto. But really the power is in our hands; use all tests as a way to strengthen personal responsibility and personal authority. Don’t go over the past as an excuse to punish, scan back over recent problems for important information about how to improve the course of our future as the Moon enters Taurus, Mercury conjunct Chiron, and the Sun sextile Saturn tonight.

Saturn semi-square Pluto 5:47 AM, Moon enters Taurus 3:42 PM, Moon square Pluto 7:08 PM, Mercury conjunct Chiron 8:26 PM, Sun sextile Saturn 11:42 PM.

Tuesday, May 7: Our senses need feeding on this stubborn, potentially delicious and tactile day. Let’s prepare our garden, our proposals, prepare for the next chapter as the waning Moon in Taurus conjunct Venus this morning then conjuncts the Sun tonight. Prepare the ground -in all its metaphors- tomorrow is a most fertile day to garden the future. Possessiveness and territoriality can make us difficult unless we remember that the earth truly holds us all.

Moon conjunct Venus 8:04 AM, Moon sextile Saturn 8:01 PM, Moon conjunct the Sun 9:21 PM.

Wednesday, May 8: Plant on this most fertile new Moon in Taurus. It is a day to make a tangible change for the better, put pragmatic effort into some practical new process that will make us feel more comfortable in our bodies and our lives. What is planted will grow, whether seeds of prosperity or rancor, of revenge or mutual support. Fertilize relationships with kind wisdom and practical help. Enjoy good food and being embodied. Talk it over as tonight as the Moon enters verbal Gemini.

Moon conjunct Uranus 5:18 AM, Moon conjunct Jupiter 10:30 AM, Moon sextile Neptune 3:55 PM, Moon conjunct Gemini 5:20 PM, Moon trine Pluto 8:52 PM.

Thursday, May 9: Communication is essential for the next few weeks. Negotiate while the Sun approaches Uranus today and encourages us to explore different possibilities. Make practical adjustments, but don’t overshoot the mark. Morning brings action and potentially productive arguments as the Gemini Moon sextiles Mars. We get more serious, maybe easily tired, but can nail down some specifics tonight as the Moon square Saturn.

Moon sextile Mars 4:47 AM, Moon square Saturn 11:02 PM.

Provided by Heather Roan Robbins




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