Celebrating You

Do you remember the moment your soul chose to incarnate? Do you remember the souls who were with you and the promise they made to stay with you as you journeyed into a body and the 3rd-dimensional world?

Most of us have no memory of that moment because as we came into a body, we forgot where we came from or even that we actually CHOSE to be here! Many are now starting to connect with their Soul Team, their Spiritual Teachers, Angels, Spirit Guides, and Nature Spirits, and it’s very reassuring to know that we are not alone on this journey!

We are not only NOT alone, but we are also celebrated for the choice we made to incarnate. And the best celebration happens on our birthday.

I first found out about birthday celebrations in 2007 from my spiritual teacher, Marie Diamond. My birthday was approaching, and she encouraged me to spend some time in meditation to receive the gifts the Universe was giving me for the coming year. As I sat in meditation, it felt like an invitation had been sent out, and a party was already happening the moment I arrived.

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Guests came bearing gifts, just like a birthday party. Except these gifts weren’t actual physical gifts but gifts that would support me throughout the year – gifts of insight, support, encouragement, and wisdom. The guests were my spiritual teachers, soul team, spirit guides, and lots and lots of fairies! It was colorful, uplifting, and magical, and I have looked forward to my party each year!

What I have learned since then is that all of our spiritual teachers, guides, and angels gather each year to celebrate and honor each of us! It might seem strange to realize as we go through the day-to-day routine of our lives that there are actually souls continually supporting us and celebrating us just because we made the decision to be born. Amazing, isn’t it?

So, what do you need to do to become conscious of the celebration happening for you on your birthday?

First, find some time in your day, at least 30 minutes, to quiet yourself. If the weather is good, go to your favorite place in nature. If not, light a candle, close your eyes, and picture yourself in your favorite place or imagine yourself anywhere you would like to be to celebrate your birthday.

Next, consciously release any energies from the past year that you do not want to take with you into your new year. Visualize a shower of light above you and ask it to cleanse your aura field, releasing the energy to the earth to be recycled. This is your energetic shower.

As you connect with your heart, ask what color you would like to wear for your party. My favorite colors are peach, orange, bright yellow, and blue. Visualize yourself filled with whatever color you’re attracted to. You are now ready to be the guest of honor at your party.

Connect with your heart and visualize walking into your favorite place in nature and ‘see’ all the beings waiting to celebrate with you. If you are in nature, open your heart to receive your guests. Allow yourself to trust what you are seeing or feeling and be open to receiving all the love and gratitude from all the souls who have come to celebrate you. Receive all the gifts into your heart as they are presented to you, and they will continue to support you throughout the year.

Whenever you are ready to leave your party, send a “thank you” to those who came to celebrate YOU on your special day.

If you’re feeling like you need help connecting to your spiritual birthday party, I offer personal birthday activation sessions. During these beautiful sessions, I will guide you into meditation, energetically prepare you for your party, help you consciously connect with the celebration, and receive the gifts that will help you in the coming year!

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