Christine Day’s Pleiadian Message for June 2024

Beloved ones we greet you,

There is a natural vast shift within the rhythm of pure light that is creating a series of layered transformational structures to anchor throughout the earth plane. These multi-dimensional shifts are designed to build higher elevations of consciousness for those of you who are awakening. There is a celebration throughout the entire Universal realms as we witness those of you on this path accelerate further within your evolutionary process. We witness you begin to play a much more conscious role in your awakening process.

Your experience of time is changing in your day-to-day living reality, know that these changes will continue to unfold within your ‘reality’ on Earth. This ‘speeding up’ is due to a higher elevation of light entering the planet. There is to be an expansive build-up, ‘a feeling of speeding’, as Earth beings to move into this higher alternate arena of consciousness.

This layered ‘arena of consciousness’ are designed to reposition you into a further state of self-empowerment. This is a time for your self-resurrection, as you move yourself within a liberated framework of self-awareness within the collective energetic space of consciousness… Oneness, Home, Being….

Pleiadian message for June 2024 message from Christine Day

As you let go and choose to launch yourself through the avenue of your Heart you are constantly being received within higher space of alternate reality settings. Remember your Heart is you launch pad to authentic reconnection.

There is to be a building of intensity within your energetic systems as each one of you undergoes levels of transmutation. Your Heart, which is one of your most powerful tools has undergone and continues to unfold into a further rapid transmutation process. As you choose reconnection to your sacred Heart, the awakening aspect of your evolution is being made readily accessible on more accelerated levels.

Within these changes there is a re-emergence of your sacred potential, ‘a remembering’ taking place, a returning of your natural multi-dimensional gifts. There will be a total reorientation of your sacred senses in certain moments as you undergo this ‘remembering’ process.

You may experience a disorientation within your ‘reality’ as you have previously known it to be. There may be moments where suddenly you find yourself in an unfamiliar environment. In those moments of alternate experiences, you are going to be required to take a Conscious breath, to let go and to open your full awareness within the experience itself.

An investigation within these arising spaces with your conscious awareness through your own curiosity will allow you to fully embrace the essence held within these expansive openings. Understand these alternate arena’s carry aspects of your unique higher light signature for you to realign.

Bringing your awareness into the Heart space supports you being able to integrate and align within the changing moment. As you begin to reference and engage in your life’s moments through your Heart space, you will feel a higher sense of balance within the experience itself. Consciously choosing to take this action within your Heart will totally support you as you move through this transitional path.

There is nothing that your Ego mind can understand or reference within the arena of your awakening path that you are on at this juncture. To support your human aspect/ your mind during this transitional phase, give your Ego mind specific 3rd dimensional tasks to complete. For example, organizing your 3rd dimensional life – shopping lists, packing, finances. These jobs will support your human aspect in remaining balanced through this metamorphic change.

You need your Ego mind while you are in a human physical form. The Ego mind is a necessary aspect of your human self. There is an essential requirement to create harmony within to enable yourself to fully embrace and launch yourself energetically within your full multi-dimensional Higher-Self component. This conscious action by you with your human aspect will create an ongoing stability within you as you move forward in a deepening awakened state. Remember, you have come to Earth to have the human experience, while you go through a spiritual reorientation. That is your mission.

No matter how the misperception of your Ego mind accesses the situation, what is important to understand that in reality – all is in hand. You are not alone. You can trust the enormous changes that are taking place within you and focus on letting go of everything. Knowing that nothing matters very much within the 3rd dimensional arena.

Earth’s 3rd dimensional drama will continue to unfold around you and know that none of it holds any importance within the big picture. See the drama as a play on a stage, having little to do with ‘reality’, with Truth. Despite all the drama, you are being held and fully supported in your next steps, nothing can get in the way unless you choose to allow interference through your ego mind.

Expect the unexpected as you navigate yourself through this upcoming time frame and know that you are in the flow when you choose to be guided through your Heart. There is much to be joyful about as you choose to take moments within the stillness of your Heart.

Remember you Heart is your guiding light, your only true reference point for your life, your only compass. Your Heart is your tool for living, guiding you into authentic moments of understanding, of clarity that re-aligns you through the compass to Home. All will be further revealed to you as you choose moments to align to your Heart as your guiding light.

Know that being in your Heart all the time is not possible, you are a human being having a human experience, ‘perfectly imperfect’. One moment within your Heart matters, every moment you spend in your Heart is accumulative. Every moment spent in your Heart further unveils more truth and understanding to you, aligning you to your sacred flow more and more.

The words, ‘I AM’ opens your multi-dimensional levels of consciousness, giving you a re-access to your full heritage energy. These words recreate sacred reactions within your energetic systems. They awaken light that has been lying dormant in your physical cells, enabling the cells to re-ignite with aspects of your multi-dimensional light. You activate yourself to on, like turning on a light switch. You activate your remembering process through anchoring these words, ‘I AM’ setting in motion energetic frequency waves of awakening throughout all your sacred systems.

This is your time of self- awakening, a glorious time of self-discovery. to arise through reclaiming your multi-dimensional essence. There is a frequency call that is going out for you to arise from a long sleep, to remember. The vibrational content of this call moves directly within your Heart cells and then radiates through each cell in your physical body. Answer the call, which is in real terms your higher consciousness calling out to you.

“You are who you have been waiting for!”

We witness you in love.

The Pleiadians


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