Starcodes: June 28 – July 4


Starcodes reading for the week of June 28 – July 4, 2024

Think of a hermit crab that carries its home wherever it goes, soft and tender inside, with a hard shell and claws on the outside. A lineup of planets in the domestic sign of Cancer asks us about our relationship to home, however we define that. This week we can take it out of a vague feeling and get more specific; how do we feel about our family heritage and habits, how do we feel about our home, homeland, even our home planet. What can we do about housing insecurity and can we make home safe, not just for ourselves (fights arise when we stop there) but for all; that is what the Sun, Mercury, and Venus now in Cancer, want to know. As July 4th is celebrated, expect delicious picnic foods along with deep talk sprinkled with bombast around the direction we’re heading in our home country.

A series of planets appear to turn retrograde this summer, like most summers, in the dance between their orbit and that of our earth. A retrograde planet tells us it’s time to review, reassess, and catch up on what that planet represents before we launch the next round. Pluto is already retrograde, Saturn turns retrograde this weekend through November 15, and asks us to review, repair, and rebuild our organizational systems, work, our sense of personal authority and authority structures around us.

Neptune turns retrograde on Tuesday through December 7, which adds fuzziness to our thinking and brings our attention to water, imagination, illusion, magic. While this can be great for spiritual or creative retreats and help us drift into that imaginary escapist land by the beach or in a good book, it also underlines fuzzy thinking and plain lies in the political arena. Notice Neptunian water damage, both too much and too little, in this time of changing climate.

The weekend begins under an active, edgy Aries Moon which brings out the inner hero and adventurer in us but can leave us edgy, feisty if we don’t find a healthy challenge.

Sunday through early Tuesday the Moon in Taurus stabilizes us, asks us to stay grounded even though the stories fly: we may not exactly agree on reality as mental Mercury trines Neptune then enters storytelling Leo. Keep talking on Tuesday and Wednesday under the Gemini Moon, it can help with some tough understanding or obsessive thoughts as Mercury opposes deep Pluto.

That Mercury-Pluto opposition can help us see what’s missing. This aspect happens once a year or more, but as it lands around Fourth of July this year, expect some people to act out through arguments and power struggles around the very nature of patriotism and the goals of our country.

The waning dark of the Moon in Cancer on the Fourth of July reminds us of the centering power of traditions and histories, great family potato salad recipes and fireworks. It can also leave us wondering if our country is waning. Let’s stay on target and vote for a positive, expansive, healthy, hopeful future with our imagination.

starcodes astrology week of June 28 through July 4

Friday, June 28: Old tenderness or familiar irritation can try to trip us up as Mercury semi-squares Jupiter and squares Chiron under an impatient Aries Moon. Say less, let irritation flow away before responding; break the pattern rather than reinscribe a familiar disfunction. Direct impatience to overcome inertia for things that need doing and enjoy building enthusiasm once we get going. The mood softens later and brings an unusually upbeat, potentially flirtatious, restless and sociable evening as Venus sextile Mars; get out and about.

Moon conjunct Neptune 2:44 AM, Moon enters Aries 2:51 AM, Mercury semi-square Jupiter 5:05 AM, Moon sextile Pluto 5:17 AM, Mercury square Chiron 11:58 AM, Moon square Sun 3:53 PM, Moon sextile Jupiter 4:02 PM, Venus sextile Mars 10:49 PM.

Saturday, June 29: Don’t get impatient with people for changing their minds- that can be a good thing; keep the day loose and low-pressure; the Aries Moon nudges us to hurry up, but we may be distracted, wander, or find our destination unclear as Mars challenges Neptune. Midday we could need to pivot, go back and retrieve or repair what’s unfinished as Saturn retrogrades, but can wing it easily as inventive Mercury sextiles Uranus. Notice news about structural issues or arguments over the chain of command. Inventiveness and travel plans pick up as the day progresses.

Moon square Venus 4:16 AM, Mars semi-square Neptune 7:38 AM, Saturn turns retrograde 1:06 PM, Mercury sextile Uranus 8:19 PM, Moon square Mercury 10:56 PM.

Sunday, June 30: Settle in, get comfortable, get stubborn; no one wants to be pushed as the Moon enters earthy, stabilizing Taurus and squares Pluto early on. If the middle the day feels less comfortable, like we can’t quite settle in the nest, let the mind review the past but don’t get stuck there. Acknowledge, but leave, wounds in the past; take from this review memories which can help the future as Jupiter semi-squares Chiron.

Moon enters Taurus 6:01 AM, Moon square Pluto 8:23 AM, Jupiter semi-square Chiron 10:13 PM, Moon sextile Sun 10:56 PM.

Monday, July 1: We can both feel the need for change but still resist it as the settled Taurus Moon conjuncts restless, active Mars and the Sun semi-squares Uranus. We can be tempted to nudge and nag someone in our environment to shape up, shift gears, or do the thing we don’t want to do to do, but we’ll get farther if we tap into that Taurus Moon and move forward in a steady solid way. Set a good example.

Moon conjunct Mars 10:19 AM, Moon sextile Venus 12:42 PM, Moon sextile Saturn 3:27 PM, son semi-square Uranus 9:58 PM.

Tuesday, July 2: People want to tell stories, which can be entertaining but the truth may be hard to discern; people may say too much as Mercury enters expressive Leo under a verbal Gemini Moon while Neptune retrogrades. Feel free to exaggerate events in a story, but don’t exaggerate emotions; validate real feelings and listen to them at a lower volume. Look for inspiration, write a novel, or spin the family history, but sort out fact from fiction; listen with the soul, which can discern the truth, not just the mind which, at the moment, can be bamboozled. Rely on the foundations of old friends and what’s tried and true as Venus trines Saturn, and make sure other can rely on you.

Moon conjunct Uranus 2:29 AM, Neptune turns retrograde 4:40 AM, Mercury trine Neptune 5:53 AM, Mercury enters Leo 6:50 AM, Moon enters Gemini 9:50 AM, Moon sextile Mercury 10:15 AM, Moon trine Pluto 12:10 PM, Venus trine Saturn 7:41 PM.

Wednesday, July 3: Sleep can be fugitive under this nervy Gemini Moon. Nervous worries can exaggerate our situation but help us understand uncomfortable truths as that Leo Mercury opposes Pluto. Drive defensively and speak thoughtfully, stay on track for safety. Watch where the mind perseverates and seek the beauty in the world. If there are fireworks, let them be up in the sky but make only the best sparks fly between people.

Moon conjunct Jupiter 1:04 AM, Mercury opposes Pluto 1:26 AM, Moon square Saturn 7:57 PM.

Thursday, July 4: Engage deep questions about the directions and purpose of one’s home and homeland, what makes a place worth calling home as that Mercury-Pluto opposition lingers and the Moon wanes into shell-centered Cancer this afternoon. People can get defensive easily and can go to the mat if feeling attacked. Many want to stay in familiar territory, so focus on creating safety and acting from compassion. Work on home-improvement or home-celebration projects on any level. Cook good food, share comfort and familiar traditions; engage all deep questions, not arguments, about the directions and purpose of our home and country.

Moon square Neptune 2:43 PM, Moon enters Cancer 2:51 PM.

Provided by Heather Roan Robbins


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