Tips and Tricks for Creating a Successful Self-Care Routine


There’s a line from a song that goes, “You give as good as you get”. This is a playful way of saying that the quality of your output is only as good as the quality of your input. The simple truth is that if you don’t take good care of yourself, you won’t be able to care for the people close to you, and you certainly won’t be very productive.

The answer to this is to invest in yourself by establishing a solid self-care routine. Here, we will briefly discuss the leading ways experts agree that you can invest in your well-being.

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Top 7 Ways to Create a (Truly Successful) Self-Care Routine

  1. Take it Slow in the Morning
    Get up at least half an hour earlier than you usually do before work. Give yourself time to sit, drink your coffee or tea, and enjoy the sunrise. During this time, don’t think about work and focus on building up positive energy. Listen to music that makes you feel exuberant.
  2. Get Outside – Barefoot!
    Most of us have a problem with screen addiction. We get it, especially if you work with computers or work online. The real danger here is that we do our work on devices and then go straight into seeking entertainment on those same devices. It’s so important to get outside, look at the clouds and flowers, and breathe outdoor air. Go for a short walk in the park or on a trail and see how good it makes you feel.
  3. Take a Nap
    If you feel so tired that getting anything done is a struggle, then you need some rest. Since caffeine takes about 30 minutes to kick in, a cup and a quick nap is a game-changing strategy for effective energy curation. Remember, you heal best during sleep, so if you feel sleepy, you need to heal. If you’re worried about napping too long, stretch out on the floor. This way, you won’t be tempted to burrow into the blankets and never return.
  4. Visit a Resort or Spa
    Just like a good nap can turn a tough day into a pleasant and productive one, a trip to a world class resort location can turn a whole year around. Make beautiful memories and treat yourself to professional-grade self care at a well-reviewed location like Oak Haven Resort
  5. Embrace Creativity
    Computer devices are not only a major health risk when we overuse them, but they also sap our creativity. The sense of boredom is natural and is supposed to drive you to do something of value. Instead of turning to your device, take a minute and think of a creative project that is calling to you. The results of following your creative impulse will be lasting.
  6. Stretch, Move and Breathe!
    If you sit a lot, make a habit out of stretching, moving, or at the very least, standing up every thirty minutes. Set an alarm and give yourself at least 30 seconds of movement every half hour. This will do wonders for your health and you are almost guaranteed to begin to feel amazing within a week.
  7. Exercise for Fun
    Instead of dragging yourself to the gym like a slave to torture, think up exercise activities that you will actually enjoy. Consider swimming for fun, playing a sport with friends, walking at a brisk pace in a beautiful location, or riding a bike to explore instead of beating your previous course time. If you make your fitness routine fun, you will find it much easier to do it and keep it up. Remember, ease and enjoyment are your keys to building good habits!

These self-care tips have been selected in order of their effectiveness and for their ease of
implementation. The idea here is to make self-care easy so that you won’t have to struggle to develop
these habits.


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