Communicating with Nature


Twenty years ago, my husband and I lived on a piece of land, about an acre in size. Summer time was always gorgeous because, along with planting an array of flowers, we also planted a garden, filled with mostly tomato plants, because my husband loved them. As for me, I loved having canned tomatoes over the winter.

One evening, we discovered ants by the tomato plants. My husband’s first thought was to get the garden hose and drown them out. “Stop!” I blurted out, followed by, “Let me talk to them first.”

I had never talked to ants before. Why would I even say those words? Intuitively, I must have known this was not beyond the realm of what I could do. Now, down on my knees, I came face to face with the ants. With quiet and gentle words, I communicated to them that they were going to die if they did not leave our garden. I politely asked them to go into the row of trees about 5 five feet from the garden and told them they would be safe there.

To my husband’s amazement, we watched the ants turn around and head to the trees. This moment of wonderment was about more than saving the delicious tomatoes, although that was fantastic, it was a hint of something more powerful. After that event, I have become known to some as the “Ant Whisperer.”

This was the start of a better way for me to communicate with nature, specifically the insects and animals around me. It was beyond exciting as I learned most insects and animals are ready to communicate with us… they are simply waiting for us to realize we have this ability.

communicating with nature

Along with insects and animals, trees, plants, and flowers are waiting to speak to us, as well. I learned about plant communication years ago when I read a book entitled The Secret Life of Plants. A detective named Cleve Backster sat in his office one day and out of boredom, decided to attach his polygraph machine to a plant. When he saw a reading on the meter, he was astounded and that one action led him down a path of discovery about plants. And it was because of him that people started talking to their plants.

Creating an ability to communicate with nature doesn’t end here; there are also nature spirits here to work with who support the plants and animals. I have visited with many over the years who talk to the fairies that are in charge of taking care of their house plants and gardens. These beings are waiting for us to believe in them, which is foundational in aiding our abilities to communicate with them. We don’t have to see a fairy, for example. to believe in their presence. However, once we begin to communicate with them, they will begin to reveal themselves. They have so much to teach us, if we are open to learning.

Every living being has a consciousness and when we are open and ready to communicate with them, they are waiting for us with open arms. What a beautiful way to expand our presence into a new world of wonder!


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Annette Rugolo
Annette Rugolo is respected worldwide as a transformation teacher, speaker, master dowser, and environmental healer. As a mentor and guide, Rugolo has been instrumental in helping people connect with other dimensions from a place of love without fear or judgment. She lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Annette has been transforming homes through dowsing and space clearing since 2005 and teaching classes since 2006. For more information about classes or having your home, business, or land energetically healed, call 612-605-8608 or visit


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