“I wanted to thank you again for the article your wrote about Bruno Groening. We kept track of how people heard about the medical lecture and over half of the attendees read your article. As a result, we had 20 new people join our group. There were over 50 people at the lecture and it was standing room only. Your article has changed the lives of many people as we have had many healings since that time. We would like to do more advertising.”

Janice Hymas, Bruno Groening Circle of Friends www.bruno-groening.org/en


“I just wanted to tell you how happy we are with the promotion with The Edge for our seminar in September 2014. We have been getting calls because of the interview in July’s issue, with some of the callers actually signing up for the seminar. I thought you would want to know the impact your venue has on the local population. We do mention you to all those we connect with and this has been helpful. We so appreciate all the help from you.”

Eileen Loro, Kundalini Awakening Systems www.kundaliniawakeningsystems1.com


“The only publication I have advertised in since April 2001 is The Edge. Please keep in mind that this is my full-time job. The first few months weren’t very profitable and I hardly received any calls at all from my ad. I remained patient though, and it has really paid off for me big time. Approximately 95 percent of my calls come from The Edge magazine. Time and time again, people say they feel confident in coming to me because I am the only one they remember from The Edge — and because The Edge magazine has its digital edition online now, I am getting even more calls from all over the USA. I wouldn’t think of going to any one else for my advertising.”

– Deborah Lynn11, psychic and medium, Stillwater, MN www.deborahlynn11.com


“When looking for a great place to promote our shows we turn to the Edge as their readers are action people that support the advertisers. A perfect audience for our shows. Consistently the best bang for our advertising dollar.”

– Rick Martinek, President/Show Producer, MediaMAX Events & Expos Inc. MediaMaxEvents.com


“Thank you for giving us a voice to be part of expanding awareness, cultivating consciousness, developing community and partnership, sharing insight and knowledge and making the world a better place. Cathryn Taylor is a fabulous representative of Edge Talk Radio, supportive, kind and helpful. We couldn’t have done the show without her. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Carolyn Vinup, Master Organizer & Event Producer carolynvinup.com


“The Edge Rocks! What a difference a single change can make. When I started my business over two decades ago I thought the best way to build my business was by word of mouth. It served me well but took twenty years to do it.I began advertising with The Edge with a single line monthly classified ad, then onto a monthly networking ad and then to an ongoing Tile ad and a business card display ad then a Happenings events ad in print and online. My business grew exponentially in a very short period of time. I then began advertising in the directories for my Spirit Circle Experience & Events. I continue to advertise with The Edge independently for all our Expos and Events that we participate as a vendor and speaker. I am eternally grateful to The Edge for my on-going success. They made it so easy for my budget and provided several options. Like the saying goes you have to spend some to make some and I sure am glad I did with The Edge print and online magazine. I feel good with this upbeat urban and current publication as a main source of advertising in the greater communities. If you have been thinking about it now is the time to grow your business and advertise with The Edge’s print and online magazine editions. It simply works. To your growth and success!”

Alison James, Psychic Medium www.alisonjames.us


“A big part of why I moved to the Twin Cities from Baltimore is because of the abundance of alternative and New Thought papers, The Edge being the clear leader. Coming from a city that could barely keep one such paper alive, I don’t take for granted the incredible value of having a quality publication that I know everybody in my target audience reads. Advertising is affordable, and even in lean times I don’t even consider reducing my advertising because The Edge is a publication worth supporting. I know what it’s like to live without.”

Lynn Woodland, author, international teacher and human potential expert www.lynnwoodland.com


“In tough economic times it is even more important to advertise and get the word out. The Edge reaches my target market, and that means the phone calls keep coming in!”

Cathy Liska, Master Coach – Coaching Certification www.CertifiedCoachesFederation.com


“My animal communication and shamanic healing practice has basically been built on the advertising I do in the Edge Life Directory…. There is always something for everybody in The Edge magazine and this helps my advertising reach a variety of people.”

Lena Swanson, professional animal communicator,shamanic practitioner and past life regression facilitator, St. Paul, MN www.lenaswanson.com


“Advertising in The Edge has been a blessing. In fact, the readers of The Edge are not just an ‘audience’ but a community that is open-minded and actively interested in growth. In these times when budgets are tight, advertising in The Edge is money well-invested. Plus, Cathy & Tim are so helpful in helping get our messages out!”

Susan Just, CH & CPHI, Success Coach, Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Professional Hypnotherapy Instructor, Dynamic Minds, Inc. www.dynamicmindsinc.com


“I have been with The Edge magazine for over 10 years. I started advertising with The Edge first by knowing Cathy as a friend and then as my representative. The Edge magazine has moved with the times, but still kept it special quality of spiritualism that has me coming back. The staff is great, the articles are wonderful, but the advertisement is fantastic. I know no other magazine in today’s times that gives you such one on one customer service for your advertisement and dollar while keeping the public’s attention and drawing them in. Through the years of being with The Edge I have had great results in my ads, in my contacts and the wonderful individuals I have met that has made my business number one. I highly recommend The Edge, for in my mind they are leaders that touch and are the very heart of the community in everything they do.”

Rose Schwab, psychic & business consultant, Angelic Inspirations International www.angelicinspirations.com


“I like being part of the Edge Family. Not only are the articles interesting and relevant, but being able to advertise in this unique publication has increased my contacts in this wonderful world of ‘vast possibilities.’ I look forward to seeing the changes with The Edge.”

Connie Johnson, “Beautiful Visions”


“I have a holistic health practice in Iowa, not Minnesota. I have advertised in The Edge, for years. The ads I have placed in this holistic monthly journal have expanded my Medical Intuition practice, assisted people in need of this service to find me and provided another source of income for my business. The Edge clients have always been very committed to their holistic healing and moving forward on their journey. The Edge staff and clients using my services have been great! The cost of the advertising is well worth the benefits.”

Terri Wiebold, RN, HN-BC, Board Certified Holistic Nurse www.YourHealingInsights.com


“We have advertised in The Edge for over two years with wonderful results. Our international tours have returned many times to Twin Cities because of what Cathy and Tim have done for us. They are a great team, offering a great variety of advertising opportunities.”

Jim Self, Mastering Alchemy masteringalchemy.com