Renaissance Festival 2023

Amy Jin Schmelzer

Amy Jin Schmelzer is a Spiritual Leader, Ashtanga-based/Santa Monica Power Yoga Teacher, Leader, and Healer, whose life path includes Corporate Creative grooming, New Age Spiritual Writing and Speaking, along with the practice of the EMF Balancing Technique and Spiritual Illumination work for others, Modeling and "Talent" work, Enlightened Consulting, all of which now falls under the category of "Love Yoga: The Movement," a Love Offering-based Movement that may eventually have its own physical home, and which staunchly encourages the values and virtues of all traditions of honor that have ever existed, starting with one's self, offering an experience of universal tribe that neither homogenizes nor condones collective egoism. This is her 1st writing for The Edge after regular appearances in The Edge's Heartland Edition in Kansas City, as an "awakened Indigo/Crystal Child."