Anon I Mus

Anon I Mus intentionally made himself to be a nameless and faceless person in the public eye. His objective was to stay unknown (anonymous), hence the nameless name "Anon I Mus" was created. According to him, his name, physical form and personal story are all equally unimportant in the grand scheme of things. He states that "in a deeper seeing of spiritual awareness, one realizes that it is all just God -- the Eternal, Unseen Consciousness expressing itself in the temporal garments of all forms perceived by the mind and senses." In becoming spiritually awakened, one does not have the desire to seek out any personal credit, financial gain or recognition to their apparent form identities for the spiritual knowledge (truths) and higher services. Imparting universal wisdom to others is an act of divine love; it should be given without any conditions. Contact the writer at [email protected]