Carol Pilkington

Carol Pilkington (Pil King Ton) is a Spiritual Teacher and Minister and Astrologer, with over 30 years of experience in spirituality/personal development practice and training. She shows clients who are experiencing anxiety, stress and various types of loss that include but is not limited to death of a loved one or pet such as Loss of Control, trust; Loss of identity due to changes in marital status and/or career, health, etc.. Carol also uses Astrology as a tool that can assist one in understanding where one is in various cycles of their lives and how to make sense of them. Astrology is a powerful holistic system that can reveal the multilayered potentials of possibilities and probabilities of one’s hidden talents and divine purpose as one’s life unfolds. She is an Amazon #1 Best Selling Author of “Your Amazing Itty Bitty Book of Astrology: 15 Key Questions People Ask About Astrology.”