Charlotte M. Steen, Vajracharya ZhiChan

Vajracharya ZhiChan, Charlotte M. Steen, first received the Medicine Buddha Dharma teachings directly from the Mahavairocana, Great Enlightener Golden Crown Dharma King Dechan Jueren, in April 2003 in Amherst, MA.  Ordained as a teacher in November 2010 at YingTian Temple, Chengdu, China, she received her Abhis'eka kettle in August 2012 at Dari Rulai Temple, La Puente, CA.  Vajracharya ZhiChan teaches Hanmi Buddhism, offering spiritual healing services, teaching meditations, and conducting Buddhist prayer services to relieve suffering.  She works with all with an open heart-mind who want to meditate daily to transform their lives, to open their awareness, and to heal themselves and others. Contact her at [email protected] and 651.278.0697.  Visit