Renaissance Festival 2023

Daniel Barron

Daniel Barron, who attended Loyola University in Chicago and did post-graduate work at the University of Illinois Medical Center, experienced his nondual awakening in the tradition of Zen Buddhism in the 1980s, realizing that almost all distortions and misunderstandings in psychological and spiritual teachings involved how neither ego-based nor non-ego-based paths that address the cause of suffering adequately understand the true nature and significance of the human emotional body. Barron created an overall paradigm and personal practice for the enlightenment of the human emotional body called Emotional Body Enlightenment™ (EBE)™ and a new psychospiritual paradigm called Theohumanity.™ He is the founder of Project Theohumanity, and author of i feel, therefore i am, Him, Gnospel, There's no such thing as negative emotion, HeartBound, and the theatrical play, Josie. He offers talks, retreats, teaching seminars, a monthly webcast and healing sessions in the United States and Europe. For more information go to, and