Renaissance Festival 2023

David Bensimon

Hello! I'm David, astrologer and author of a new astrology-based children's book adventure series- "The Little Crab Finds a Friend." These books follow a lost little crab roaming through an astrological land where characters from each zodiac sign educate him on the merits of their signs and help get him closer to his long-lost home. I am a certified astro-geek meaning I can frame any mundane (like astrology;) comment, ice-breaker, or conversation piece into an astrological one. That's only because I genuinely love everything astrology offers. And, in my practice, I enjoy blending a heavy dose of traditional Hellenistic astrology techniques with a splice of modern ones. You can find me on Instagram @littlecrabastrology and book a reading on my website or learn more about me at Thanks so much!