Dralandra Larkins

Dralandra is an award-winning spoken word poet, arts educator, curator, and the co-editor of Cracked Walnut’s anthology “Rewilding Hope, 2023” based in Minneapolis. Through performance, she weaves together words, rhythm, and intimacy to create a safe space for healing & self-discovery. She invites her audience to confront their own traumas and find strength in vulnerability. Her work is rooted in the art of healing, spirituality, community, self-love, and liberation. Her poetry not only serves as a form of therapeutic release for herself but also for those who listen to her words. Publication of her work has appeared in the Minnesota Women’s Press, Witness Writers, The Agates, and other anthologies. She’s collaborated and competed on platforms including the MN Black Authors Expo, Button Poetry, TruArtSpeaks, Black Business Ball Enterprise, and Green Room. Her impact goes beyond the stage. She serves on the Cracked Walnut board of directors, and is a member of the League of MN Poets & Art to Change the World. Her poetic expression is a platform for advocacy, using spoken word to shed light on social issues & uplift marginalized communities. She is also the creator of the "Pocket Poetry Dispenser" at Next Chapter Booksellers in St. Paul, MN. Visit dralandrawrites.com for more of her work.