Grégory Puente

Grégory Puente is a Nima (consecrated shaman) in the Bwiti tradition. Grégory met the Bwitist Tradition in May 1999 while doing his military service in Gabon. After several visits, he came to live full-time in Gabon to deepen his training in 2002. For 11 years he studied with Master Atome Ribenga, a well-known and highly respected Bwiti Nima in Gabon who is featured in the documentary, The Twelve. Grégory was consecrated as Nima in the Bwitist tradition by Master Atome Ribenga in 2013. Grégory’s mission is to help seekers find themselves through initiations and healing. As well as serving as a ‘bridge’ between worlds and a ‘bridge’ between continents and cultures, he sets up sessions of “Discovery of the Bwiti tradition and African plant medicine.” Explore Bwiti de l'Ame at To find out about upcoming Bwiti retreats, contact Gregory at [email protected]