James Phillips

James Phillips -- speaker, author and founder of Living in Truth LLC -- has dedicated his career to making the wisdom of ancient Egypt relevant for today's contemporary audiences and assisting in the birth of a truth-grounded world for us all. Jim is the creator of the best-selling imaginization series of pre-recorded creative visualizations as well as the Total Relax and Super Study CD Albums, which use his exclusive Total Mind multi-layered audio guidance system to support listeners in deep relaxation, rejuvenating sleep cycles, power napping, laser-like concentration and other extraordinary states of awareness. Jim is a graduate of the prestigious Monroe Institute in Faber, Virginia and travels extensively presenting the "Living in Truth Lecture" and the "get TOTAL MINDed!" Workshop. Please check out www.lit4you.com for more information about his schedule of lectures/ workshops and audio products currently available through Living in Truth.

Law of One