Karla Wessel

Karla Wessel is an intuitive reader, animal communicator, Reiki Master, artist and author. She has created a business designed around her spiritual gifts, and she is currently working on the second in this series of books about using intuition, filled with more mystical stories. She is also recreating her animal cards, which she had dreamed and uses as a tool for doing readings. Karla works at the Metaphysical Emporium in North St. Paul, Minn., as a reader. She also does intuitive coaching and classes on dreams, shamanism, angels, messages from nature, feng shui and raising intuitive children. Angel Star Cat is available now at Magus Books, Metaphysical Emporium, Barnes and Noble bookstores and other stores. Visit Karla at www.angelstarjourneys.com, or at www.metaphys.com. Copyright © 2006 Karla Wessel. All rights reserved