Kate Knutson

Dr. Kate Knutson is co-owner of Pet Crossing Animal Hospital & Dental Clinic in Bloomington and Alta Veterinary in Minneapolis. Dr. Knutson also is a contributing author to the American Animal Hospital Association Dental Care Guidelines. Pet Crossing is a full-service clinic and is one of the most experienced and technically advanced hospitals for pet dental services in the Midwest. Visit www.petcrossing.com. Alta Veterinary offers alternative treatments that complement traditional medicine for pets. Alta provides chiropractic care for pets who have bone deficiencies, acupuntcure to help relieve pressure spots on dogs or cats, nutritional guidance for animals who are over-or-under weight, massage therapy for pets with sore muscles, and behavior training for young or disobedient four-leggeds. Visit www.altaveterinary.org. Copyright © 2006 Dr. Kate Knutson. All rights reserved.