Marit Solheim-Witt

Marit Solheim-Witt, Founder of the Alpha Element Institute, is a writer and instructor who has developed Alpha Element Theory along with the Alpha Element Matrix™ -- a methodology for teaching about energy as a visual language of dynamic patterns correlated to styles of perception and behavior. The inventor of a patent pending, personality assessment instrument based on light energy resonance, Marit works with clients and organizations as a coach in the area of self-leadership, personal expression and style and teaches workshops about color, energy and creativity to inspire team synergy and engagement. Marit holds degrees from the University of Minnesota in American Studies and Studio Arts. In addition to leading research and development efforts at Alpha Element Institute, Marit is an instructor at the Center for Integrative Health at Normandale Community College in Bloomington and a volunteer provider at Well Within Holistic Wellness Center in Woodbury. She focuses her work and research on creativity and the mind-body connection.