Mary Newstrom, Ph.D.

Mary Newstrom, Ph.D., is an internationally known Shamanic Practitioner, founder of Zenith High, and creator of Spirit Flow~ Shamanic Study Programs. She has spent over three decades studying with unparalleled shamanic teachers in the United States. Dr. Newstrom also works with the Shipibo Shamans living in the Amazon basin of Peru. Her studies in Peru have enhanced the skills Mary brings to her training programs. She holds a doctoral degree in psychology and is certified in Health and Wellness Consultation. Her commitment to the environment, animals, and the world is reflected in her policy work with GLBT civil rights, environmental and social justice. Mary is also a long-time volunteer in the Master Naturalist program. Based out of the Minneapolis, MN, area, Dr. Newstrom travels extensively, partnering with other visionary leaders to deliver life-changing shamanic experiences. Check out her website