Melissa Jolly Graves

Melissa is the one-of-a-kind associative thinker who can visibly see and feel energy. In 1979 she was born a healer, but she didn’t start her journey until 2006, when she became an LPN. She practiced several fields to include Behavioral Health, TCU, Alzheimer’s, Mental Health, Senior Care, and Chemical Dependency. While working for Hazelden, she was called to do a different type of healing. Through meditation, prayer, and the guidance of her Angels and teachers, Melissa was taught how to do faith healing. She furthered her training in energy healing with schooling. In 2012 she started the study of Reiki. In 2015 she became a Reiki Master and Teacher. From there, she went on to train in the arts of Qigong, Kundalini, Shamanism, DNA healings, genetic modification, source coding, spiritual counseling, and quantum and frequency healing and has had the privilege to work with native healers. Currently, she holds 24 healing modalities. In 2015 Melissa opened the doors to her business, Euphoric Source, which has received many awards. In 2016 Melissa was one of the 30 people in the United States asked to speak at the National Symposium for Holistic Arts Practitioners held at Harvard University. From 2016-2018 she hosted her own radio show called Euphoria Radio, where she began to learn how to communicate with people about her abilities. Soon after that Melissa was on Local Insider TV for being one of the most effective healers in the state of Minnesota. From 2017-2019 she was busy working in many temples, hosting ceremonies and spiritual events. Currently, Melissa is healing, teaching, advising, hosting spiritual events, writing her books, doing a documentary, running her business and science lab, being a mom and wife, and living life to the fullest. More information at