Renaissance Festival 2023

Ronni Ann Hall

Ronni Ann Hall is a fairy and animal communicator and a writer/illustrator. She writes and creates online Fairy healing classes and ebooks for her Fairy School, and has Fabulous Animal Healing Tuesdays on her Blog. She also creates and documents her fairy research in her book in progress, The Fairy Field Guide. Her most recent class addition is the Healing our Animals With the Fairies online course, sharing her experience asking the Fairies questions on how to help her animals, and the Fairies providing the answers and tools. To sign up for this helpful class or to buy an ebook, go to She also gives private fairy lessons and readings. Lilibeth Beagle Hall is still coping with other issues brought on from the aging process, but is happy to be supported by the flower essences and the knowledge from the Fairies. Copyright © 2006 Ronni Ann Hall. All rights reserved