Tanya Welsch

Tanya K. Welsch is a licensed social worker and co-founder of MN LINC. She is a life-long investigator of animal and nature rhythms, exploring why these relationships have been so inspiring and healing for people throughout history. For nearly 10 years, MN LINC has been providing various animal-assisted interactions for people by having them work with animals such as dogs, horses, sheep and chickens. MN LINC is a strong proponent that animals are never "used" and that the human practitioner should possess training in both animal and human behavior. MN LINC operates from a horse boarding facility, a private practice office, or can come to small groups at other locations. To contact Tanya and learn more about workshops and services with MN LINC, call (952) 472-2422 or visit www.mnlinc.org. Copyright © 2007 Tanya Welsch. All rights reserved.