Yogiraj Charles Bates

Charles Bates, initiated as Yogiraj Achala in 1971 by HH Sri Swami Rama, is the author of two books: Pigs Eat Wolves: Going into Partnership with Your Darkside®, and Ransoming the Mind: The Integration of Yoga and Modern Therapy. Yogiraj has 38 years experience as an Organizational Development Consultant and 40 years of study with HH Swami Rama. In 1984 he was placed by his guru into the lineage of the Himalayan Tradition of Sages. Following a seven-year sabbatical to deepen his spiritual condition,Yogiraj now supports others in deepening their own spiritual condition and advances modern business practices by preparing individuals for earth-focused leadership. His next book, The Reinvention of Civilization™, is due to release in 2010, followed by a world tour. Visit www.10thdot.com.