Books We're Reading 2023-2024

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ISSUE #354 - APRIL/MAY 2024

Homemade Healthy Dog Food Cookbook cover
Homemade Healthy Dog Food Cookbook with Heart

By Jill Jaxen
Unlock the secret to your dog’s long, healthy life with the Homemade Healthy Dog Food Cookbook with Heart. Crafted with love, this ultimate guide provides nutritious, holistic recipes and heartwarming stories from fellow dog parents. Examine canine nutrition, homemade food benefits, and safe prepping techniques. From portion control to breed-specific recipes, this cookbook offers comprehensive guidance for every aspect of your dog’s diet. Embrace this culinary journey to deepen your bond and ensure your furry friend thrives. Invest in your dog’s well-being today and embark on this extraordinary adventure together. Purchase


Embracing the Magic Within book cover
Embracing the Magic Within

By Shelly Wilson
Shelly Wilson’s empowering book urges us to embrace our inner magic. Amidst mundane existence, she advocates conscious alignment of body, mind, and spirit to unleash our true selves. With positivity, authenticity, and personal stories, Wilson guides us toward activating our divine essence. She inspires us to live authentically and love our lives through connection and creation. It’s time to Shine! Purchase


Memoirs of a Mystic Misfit book cover
Memoirs of a Mystic Misfit: Healing Disfunction in Programming to Unlock Your Unlimited Potential

By Barbara Korte
Join Barbara Korte on an extraordinary journey as she shares her encounters with past lives, ghosts, and celestial beings. Through humor and intimacy, Barbara guides readers on a transformative quest that spans multi-dimensional experiences and Earth’s ascension. Explore depths of existence and awaken the inherent magic within. Purchase


the Word Effect book coverThe Word Effect: 7 Simple Words
to Create Your Most Beautiful Life

By Becky Jane Kemp
Becky Kemp’s journey began in 2005 when faced with unexpected changes. Despite meticulous plans, life’s deviations led her to self-inflicted suffering until she discovered the transformative power of words. The Word Effect unveils Kemp’s revelation through seven simple yet potent words, offering a roadmap for personal growth. This book is a testament to the profound impact of words, inspiring readers to rewrite their narratives and create their most beautiful lives. Purchase


The Wisdom of the Council book coverThe Wisdom of The Council: Channeled Messages for Living Your Purpose

By Sara Landon
The Wisdom of the Council channels empowering messages from ascended master beings, guiding readers toward heightened consciousness and self-realization. Asserting that we are creators of our lives, The Council illuminates our inherent power to shape our realities. Through expanded awareness, alignment with our true selves, and manifestation from a place of wholeness, this book inspires readers to fulfill their destinies and create heaven on earth. Purchase


Our Cosmic Origin book cover
Our Cosmic Origin

By Ismael Perez
This engaging volume explores Earth’s hidden past and its connection to our galaxy’s undisclosed history. With a blend of scientific evidence, philosophy, and spiritual insight, Ismael Perez weaves a coherent narrative. Discover the profound origins of humanity and our celestial lineage, spanning infinite worlds and alternate dimensions. Illuminating Earth’s role in the multiverse, it challenges mainstream academia and enhances our comprehension of existence. Purchase


DeEtte Ranae’s Oracle Pick

DeEtte is a certified psychic medium and medical intuitive and master teacher. Watch her live show “Spiritual Truth with DeEtte” on The Edge YouTube and Facebook channels Monday mornings at 9am CST. Get in touch with DeEtte to book your own reading and to learn more about her courses on her website

Black Goddess within OracleBlack Goddess within Oracle

Written by Giavanni Washington with artwork by Marla Warner
The Black Goddess Within Oracle deck changes the narrative of Black bodies, Black women, and Black people through the distribution of images of Goddesses from all over Africa. By illustrating the divinity, power, and purpose inherent in the Black lived experience, these images illuminate Black humanity and beauty while inspiring deep insight. Purchase


ISSUE #353 - FEB/MARCH 2024

conversations with your home book cover
Conversations With Your Home: Guidance and Inspiration Beyond Feng Shui

By Carole J. Hyder
This book transcends traditional Feng Shui, presenting a groundbreaking perspective on the living essence of houses. Hyder contends that homes are alive, protective, inspirational entities that actively contribute to residents’ well-being. The book facilitates meaningful dialogues between individuals and their living spaces through poignant narratives, personal insights, and thought-provoking exercises. In the first part, Hyder’s unique approach involves psychological exploration, unveiling how homes may unconsciously shape futures. The second section offers practical exercises to establish a profound connection with one’s home, fostering active communication. The final part introduces nine archetypes, guiding readers in identifying the unique energies their homes embody. Purchase


third eye cookbook cover
Third Eye Cookbook: A Maya Inspired Guide and Cookbook to Heal Your Spiritual Sight

By Laura LaBrie & Max Martinez
Unveil this Maya-inspired guide to enhancing your intuition through delicious, sixth-sense-boosting foods. Connecting science and spirituality, the book explores the link between diet and a healthy pineal gland. With 101 recipes, it guides readers to activate intuition, offering insights on decalcifying the pineal gland. Infused with Maya energy, this book encourages readers to make lifestyle changes rediscovering their ability to connect with the ethereal world through delightful culinary experiences. Purchase


everyday reiki book cover
Everyday Reiki: A Self-Healing Routine for Mastering the Teachings and Practice of Reiki

By Dawn McLaughlin
This guide, designed for Reiki students and seasoned healers, offers an immersive journey to cultivate a personal connection with healing energy. Structured in three consecutive 40-day programs, it covers foundational skills, self-healing practices, and teaching as a Reiki Master. With daily practices, meditations, and insights, McLaughlin empowers readers to strengthen intuition, reduce stress, and promote healing on all levels. Purchase


wellness witchery book cover
Wellness Witchery: A Magickal Approach to Nourishing the Body, Mind & Spirit

By Laurell Woodward
Explore this magical guide to a higher quality of life, blending herbal wisdom, essential oils, and kitchen witchery. Offering over a hundred herbal formulas and eighty essential oil blends, the book provides exercises, kitchen recipes, and self-care rituals for body, mind, and spirit. Discover the potent power of plants for immunity, relationships, stress relief, and self-esteem, and transform into a happier, healthier, and more magical you. Purchase


lithomancy book cover
Lithomancy: The Psychic Art of Reading Stones

By Gary L. Wimmer
This book intricately details the art of giving psychic readings through Lithomancy, which involves dropping sixteen stones into a circle of leather or lace. Each unique pattern formed represents layers of information, read in a clock-like fashion. Readers hone their skills by understanding the symbolism of each stone and interpreting patterns, combining knowledge with intuition. The book empowers readers to develop a personal style and unique perspective as their skills grow. Purchase


gift of night book cover
The Gift of the Night: A Six-Step Program for Better Sleep

By Philip Carr-Gomm
Psychotherapist Philip Carr-Gomm presents a swift and effective six-step program for addressing insomnia and sleep disorders. Combining sleep science, cognitive behavioral therapy, and holistic approaches, he offers thirteen techniques to enhance sleep. The book explores psychedelic therapy’s potential and examines various natural sleep aids. This concise guide empowers readers to unlock the transformative benefits of restful sleep for body and soul. Purchase


DeEtte Ranae’s Oracle Pick

DeEtte is a certified psychic medium and medical intuitive and master teacher. Watch her live show “Spiritual Truth with DeEtte” on The Edge YouTube and Facebook channels Monday mornings at 9am CST. Get in touch with DeEtte to book your own reading and to learn more about her courses on her website

bird vibes meditation card deck
Bird Vibes Meditation Cards

Written by Catherine C. Bastedo with artwork by Heather Bale
Bird Vibes Meditation Cards are versatile. They can be used as an Oracle reading, daily meditation or focus card, and simply to learn more about birds. The list is endless! Written by Catherine C. Bastedo with illustrations by Heather Bale, this 54-card deck and full-color booklet showcase a great variety of birds found in various parts of North America and explore how they relate to the eight principal chakras on the body. Purchase

ISSUE #352 - DEC/JAN 2024

Extraordinary Awakenings cover
Extraordinary Awakenings: When Trauma Leads to Transformation

By Steve Taylor
Explore the profound, and often perplexing, phenomenon of transformation through intense psychological suffering. Through captivating narratives of individuals who emerge from life’s depths into higher states of being, the author examines the intricacies of ‘shifters’ – those who, like phoenixes, rise from adversity. With a keen psychological lens, he deciphers the processes behind these remarkable rebirths after struggles, loss, addiction, or imprisonment. The book offers riveting stories showcasing human resilience and provides invaluable lessons, guidelines, and a beacon of hope for readers navigating their own trials. Purchase


101 Ways to Create Mindful Forgiveness
101 Ways to Create Mindful Forgiveness: A Heart-Healing Guide to Forgiveness, Apologies, and Mindful Tools for Peace

By Kelly Browne
Navigate the digital age with this timely guide, a compass for expressing apologies, accepting forgiveness, and making meaningful amends. It’s a treasure trove for fostering personal awareness and wellness. Purchase


Sacred Herbs of Yule cover
The Sacred Herbs of Yule and Christmas: Remedies, Recipes, Magic & Brews for the Winter Season

By Ellen Evert Hopman
An enchanting exploration that takes readers on a global journey through ancient Christmas traditions, Pagan customs, and seasonal flora! The author examines the magical properties of herbs and the origins of holiday symbols from Yule Logs to Winter Solstice divinations. Purchase


52 Ways to Live the Course of Miracles cover
52 Ways to Live the Course in Miracles: Cultivate a Simpler, Slower, More Love-Filled Life

By Karen Casey
Discover the power of progress over perfection as you glean practical wisdom for embracing serenity and healing. Let each page be a stepping stone toward a more harmonious and fulfilling life, inviting you to find solace in the present moment and create a sanctuary of peace within. Purchase


Finding Your Calm cover
Finding Your Calm: Twelve Methods to Release Anxiety, Relieve Stress & Restore Peace

By Angela A. Wix
Discover your relaxation solution with this compilation by twelve top authors from Llewellyn. This guide presents diverse relaxation techniques, blending scientific and spiritual approaches. Each chapter offers practical insights from body wisdom to astrology, mindfulness to aromatherapy. Purchase


Sleep Magic cover
Sleep Magic: Surrendering to Success

By Victoria Pendragon
This spiritual guide unveils the power of dreams to reprogram the mind for profound healing and self-manifestation through DIY Emotional Cellular Reprogramming. Dive into the author’s journey, adding depth to this insightful and empowering method of self-discovery and transformation. Unleash the potential within and start on a path of healing and personal evolution like never before! Purchase


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DeEtte Ranae’s Oracle Pick

DeEtte is a certified psychic medium and medical intuitive and master teacher. Watch her live show “Spiritual Truth with DeEtte” on The Edge YouTube and Facebook channels Monday mornings at 9am CST. Get in touch with DeEtte to book your own reading and to learn more about her courses on her website

Healing Waters oracle deck
The Healing Water Oracle

Written by Rebecca Campbell with artwork by Katie-Louise
Discover the sacred healing powers of water and find support, connection, and guidance with this activating 44-card deck. The Healing Waters Oracle is a beautifully illustrated and easy to use card deck. The imagery is soft, and includes both descriptions of the imagery and descriptive words to assist in understanding the cards drawn. Purchase

ISSUE #351 - OCT/NOV 2023

Escape from Dachau book
Escape from Dachau: A True Story of Survival, Courage, and a Daring Escape in the Face of Unthinkable Evil

By Kathe Mueller Slonim
Step back in time to the harrowing era of Nazi Germany. This gripping true story unfolds as we follow Max Immanuel, a Jewish man who embarks on an audacious mission to rescue a family member from the clutches of the Nazi regime. The backdrop of this narrative paints a vivid and melancholy picture of the era’s deep-seated bitterness and hatred toward German Jews. Max’s story highlights the incredible bravery, sacrifice, and resilience of those who defied the prevailing darkness of Nazi rule. As you immerse yourself in Max’s heart-pounding journey, you’ll discover the indomitable spirit of humanity during one of its darkest periods. Purchase

Post Traumatic Thriving book
Post-Traumatic Thriving: The Art, Science, & Stories of Resilience

By Randall Bell, Ph.D
Discover the path to resilience and thriving in the face of trauma. Dr. Randall Bell, a renowned expert in disaster and trauma, combines scientific research with compelling survivor stories, showcasing individuals who have survived and thrived after life’s most challenging experiences. From Holocaust survivors to those facing addiction, depression, and more, explore the remarkable mindset of post-traumatic thrivers and learn to harness trauma as a catalyst for growth and resilience. Purchase

The Cards You're Dealt book
The Cards You’re Dealt: How to Deal when Life Gets Real

By Teresa Reed
Author Theresa Reed offers a guiding light through life’s challenging moments. Whether you’re a tarot novice or a seasoned enthusiast, this book provides a revelation and compass for navigating life’s tumultuous waters with grace and purpose. Reed explores how tarot can comfort, heal, and connect during difficult times. This book empowers readers to make wiser choices and find hope despite adversity. Purchase

Finding the Words book
Finding the Words: Working Through Profound Loss with Hope and Purpose

By Colin Campbell
Colin Campbell shares a profoundly moving account of his journey through unimaginable grief after losing his two teenage children to a drunk driver. When faced with overwhelming loss, Campbell challenges conventional wisdom about grieving, advocating for an active and vocal approach that truly honors the departed. Through practical advice, he guides listeners on navigating life after loss, encouraging community outreach, mourning rituals, and expressive grieving. Purchase

Proof of Life After Life book
Proof of Life after Life: 7 Reasons to Believe There Is an Afterlife

By Raymond Moody
Explore the profound revelations in this groundbreaking collaboration between renowned psychiatrist Dr. Raymond Moody and bestselling author Paul Perry. This book unveils compelling evidence for the existence of the soul and life after death by drawing on nearly five decades of research into near-death experiences. Through in-depth case studies, interviews, and the latest research, Moody and Perry delve into the mysteries of consciousness beyond the physical body, shedding light on shared-death experiences and paranormal phenomena. Purchase

Death Nesting book
Death Nesting: The Heart-Centered Practices of a Death Doula

By Anne-Marie Keppel
Ancient wisdom and modern techniques converge to guide readers in caring for the dying with compassion and grace. This comprehensive guide covers emotional soothing practices, anxiety-reducing breathing techniques, and stress management during the dying process. It also explores physical care for bedridden individuals and delves into ceremony, energetic boundaries, Reiki, and ancestral support. Anne-Marie’s insights on self-care, grief coping, and mindfulness offer invaluable aid for caregivers and those facing mortality. Purchase

Karma and Reincarnation book
Karma and Reincarnation in the Animal Kingdom: The Spiritual Origin of Species

By David Barreto
David Barreto delves deep into the spiritual dimensions of the animal kingdom. He explores their spiritual bodies, from ants to dolphins, including auras, chakras, and astral realms. Discover how reincarnation and karma operate among different species and how animals’ deaths impact their spiritual existence. David explores historical and religious perspectives on animals, from ancient worship to totemic symbolism. Purchase

The Beloved Dead oracle deck
The Beloved Dead: An Oracle for Divining Ancestral Wisdom

By Carrie Paris and Tina Hardt
The Beloved Dead oracle deck offers a captivating journey into the realm of ancestral wisdom and spirit guides. Produced by Carrie Paris and Tina Hardt, this hauntingly beautiful deck allows you to connect with a collective family of ancestor archetypes, providing profound insights into your daily life, relationships, and inner world. As you pose questions to the Beloved Dead, you tap into the consciousness of those who have transcended the physical realm, now existing energetically as Spirit. Purchase

Wild Hearts Rise Up oracle deck
Wild Hearts Rise Up Oracle Deck

By Molly Mandelberg
This unique deck and guidebook, created by Molly Mandelberg amidst diverse settings from bustling cities to serene tropical beaches, embodies a fusion of artistic, mystical, and practical energies. Whether seeking inspiration, divination, or guidance, this deck serves as a creative compass. Its uses are as diverse as the landscapes from which it emerged, fostering a connection with one’s inner self, one card at a time. Purchase

ISSUE #350 - AUG/SEPT 2023

Danny's day in heaven book
Danny’s Day in Heaven

By Marie Antoinette Kelley
This beautifully illustrated children’s book follows a young boy through his near-death experience to heaven and back, a happy ending helps to open the conversation between children and adults about what happens when we die. Inspired by the New York Times bestseller Saved by the Light by Dannion Brinkley and dozens of other near-death experiences, this book features author Marie Antoinette Kelley’s transcendent paintings and is designed to comfort and reassure children about the reality of an afterlife. Danny’s Day in Heaven is a wonderful gift for anyone who has ever asked – or had to answer – the all-important question: “What happens when we die?” Purchase


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the space pen club book
The Space Pen Club: Close Encounters of the 5th Kind

By Martin Keller
The book takes readers on a compelling insider’s journey through the often-bewildering world of renowned UFO researchers and their debunkers, close interactions with media and government officials, celebrated astronauts, Native American medicine men, and many other fascinating people and ideas that he encountered along the way. Purchase


back to the beyond book
Back to the Beyond: Exploring Near-Death Experiences Through Hypnosis

By Adam S. Dince
What happens after you die? Is there an afterlife? How can I find peace in my fear of death, or comfort after I’ve lost a loved one? After the tragic death of his father, Adam Dince wrestled with these questions for years. In search of answers, he began to research stories of those who had near-death experiences – people who briefly died but came back to life. Purchase


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Emotional Freedom Technique for Animals and Their Humans

By Joan Ranquet
In this practical guide, expert animal communicator and healer Joan Ranquet shows how to apply this energetic bodywork method on animals such as dogs, cats, or horses. As you tap on certain acupressure points with a specific intention in mind, the animal will experience energetic release on the levels of mind, body, emotions, and spirit. Purchase


lymph health book
Lymph Health: The Key to a Strong Immune System

By Christopher Vasey N.D.
This health guide explores the essential role played by the lymphatic system in the body’s detoxification processes, immune system, and overall health. Details 12 natural therapies for strengthening and maintaining lymph health, including drainage therapies, detox methods, simple dietary changes, herbal remedies, compression therapies, breathing practices, and physical exercises. Purchase


endless awakening book
Endless Awakening: Time, Paradox, and the Path to Enlightenment

By Patrick Paul Garlinger
Have you awakened spiritually yet still feel stuck? You are not alone. Many feel dissatisfied despite years of practice. Endless Awakening reveals that the answer lies in the paradoxes of time. When you let go of the idea that you are on a journey, you arrive at your destination. Purchase

ISSUE #349 - JUNE/JULY 2023

Path of the Moonlit Hedge: Discovering the Magick of Animistic Witchcraft

By Nathan M. Hall
Written by a witch with over thirty years of experience in Animistic Witchcraft, Nathan M Hall explores an exciting approach to witchcraft that teaches you how to see and work with the world around us. His thirty exercises in the book build a magickal foundation of understanding through the ancient techniques of journeying and trance-work, which help you connect with nature beings and the world’s energy. This book will show you how interconnected the world is and leave you with a yearning to take the leap and jump over the moonlit hedge. And when you do, you will create balance within yourself and empower your work as a witch. Purchase

Dignity for Deeply Forgetful People: How Caregivers Can Meet the Challenges of Alzheimer’s Disease

By Stephen G. Post
Kelly and Brian from “The Being Curious Show” recently interviewed Dr. Post on their radio show, and were touched by how Dr. Post refers to our loved ones affected by this disease as respectfully and lovingly as “Deeply Forgetful”. For three decades, Stephen G. Post has worked around the world encouraging caregivers to become more aware of – and find renewed hope in – surprising expressions of selfhood despite the challenges of cognitive decline. This book combines new ethics guidelines with an innovative program on how to communicate and connect with people with Alzheimer’s. Purchase

In Our Element: Using the Five Elements as Soul Medicine to Unleash Your Personal Power

By Lindsay Fauntleroy L.Ac.
This beginner-friendly book introduces you to the five elements: Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal, and shows you how to use them to improve your mental, emotional, and spiritual health. In Our Element weaves together Eastern medicine, Western psychology, Indigenous traditions, and African ancestral principles of spirituality. Lindsay Fauntleroy teaches you how to tap into the five elements for a balanced and empowered life that aligns with your soul’s calling. Purchase

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Detox–Nourish–Activate: Plant & Vibrational Medicine for Energy, Mood, and Love

Authors: Adora Winquist and Lulu Shimek, ND
This is one of those books that you will go back and reference over and over again. The authors share their knowledge of plant medicine, crystals, meditation, vibrational medicine and so much more in a well-laid-out form that is easy to follow. This book gives you a buffet of information to choose from for your own healing or in helping others. This is not a cookie cutter, one technique for all, type of book. Keep this book where you can see it. You may be referring to it often. Purchase

It’s a Jungle in There

By Steven Schussler
Entrepreneur Steven Schussler lives by six words: “No is yes waiting to happen.” Against all odds, he created Rainforest Cafe in his suburban Minneapolis home and spent years convincing investors that his idea wasn’t crazy. Today, Rainforest Cafe is one of the top-grossing restaurant chains in the world, and Steven’s company, Schussler Creative, continues to deliver. You’ll learn exactly how to apply your inner creativity to your dreams and reap the rewards when your business takes on a lucrative life of its own. Purchase

Animal Wayshowers: The Lightworkers Ushering In 5D Consciousness

By Tammy Billups
As the author reveals, once we become aware of the soul path of our animal companions, we are then able to connect with them soul-to-soul, not only supporting their soul missions but also finding the healing we need to let go of 3D reality. Sharing stories of incredible animal wayshowers from around the world, Tammy explores the many levels of service your beloved animal friends provide for you and how they help shoulder the psychological and emotional burdens we are not yet capable of holding on our own. Purchase

10 Things Your Soul Guides Want You to Know: Especially if you have anxiety, depression, chronic pain, or PTSD.

Author: Sheyna Galyan
How do you trust your spirit guides when you have a history of trauma and betrayal? Where is the line between communicating with one’s soul guides and mental health concerns? Does the Law of Attraction really say that we attract to ourselves every painful experience we endure? Filled with humor, wisdom, and a touch of irreverence, this book will support and inspire you with exercises and reflection questions in each chapter to help you make empowered choices and live authentically from your divine self. Purchase

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Magdalene Manifestation Cards

By Danielle Rama Hoffman, illustrated by Christine Lucas
In this set, Danielle Rama Hoffman presents highly effective manifestation practices channeled from the Magdalene Midwives. Each of the 44 cards features artwork by Christine Lucas and a Magdalene Code of Love to empower you, open your ability to receive, and awaken your natural tendencies toward prosperity and abundance. Building on the Magdalene Code manifestation techniques, Hoffman explains how to expand your energy field and love body to contribute to your evolution in consciousness with the energy of surplus and abundance. Purchase

Tarot of the Witch’s Garden

Written by Sasha Graham, artwork by Natasa Ilincic
Cultivating personal intuition is as sublime as a summer landscape with this enchanting Rider-Waite-Smith-style deck. Artist Natasa Ilincic’s delicate watercolor paintings decorate seventy-eight exquisitely crafted cards with comforting cottagecore scenes to provide gentle respite from your busy modern world. Bestselling author Sasha Graham helps you navigate her lush landscape of symbolic imagery with her full-color companion book. Tarot of the Witch’s Garden is your key to a secret sanctuary that will unlock the latent magic thriving inside of you. Purchase

ISSUE #348 - APRIL/MAY 2023

Medium Mentor
Medium Mentor: 10 Powerful Techniques to Awaken Divine Guidance for Yourself and Others

By MaryAnn DiMarco
Written by an experienced psychic medium and teacher, Medium Mentor will guide you to connect more deeply to your soul’s innate abilities and employ them to enhance your everyday life and serve others. Through true stories and expert tips, MaryAnn DiMarco reveals the magic, joy, and responsibility of developing psychic gifts and working with souls on the Other Side, as well as how to interpret the powerful energy you experience and establish boundaries. MaryAnn’s deep wisdom comes through as she teaches you to create your own unique approach to intuition and understand and implement universal guidance. Purchase

Exploring Traditional Herbal Remedies
Exploring Traditional Herbal Remedies in Mexico: An Introduction to Natural Healing

By C.E. Flores
Curanderos (healers) in Mexico still practice traditional herbal remedies learned centuries ago. It is only recently that scientists have begun to take these healing practices seriously. Study after study has validated the medicinal use of plants native to North America and those brought by the Spanish after the conquest. It’s time to reexamine the basic healing power in 34 common remedies used by traditional Mexican healers. Purchase

Karmic Birthday Book
The Karmic Birthday Book: Discover the Meaning and Magic of the Day You Were Born

Author Monte Farber, Illustrator Amy Zerner
Drawing on their enchanted psychic abilities, renowned psychics Amy Zerner and Monte Farber present a fun and easy way to use birth dates to gain insight into our true selves. Each birthday includes a profound quote with special meaning for those born on that day Unlock the secret of your birth date and guide you along your true life path, teaching you a karmic lesson and opening the door to your destiny. Purchase

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Powerful Juju
Powerful Juju: Goddesses, Music & Magic for Comfort, Guidance & Protection

By Najah Lightfoot
We all have times of feeling alone and overwhelmed in this world. Lightfoot introduces you to twelve goddesses: mythological, real and contemporary women who went through the hard times, survived, and are now willing to assist others on their journey. With each page, the author will guide you in how to create a sacred space to connect with these souls who can help to comfort, guide and protect you. The support awaits. Are you ready to connect? Purchase

Healing Therapies for Long Term Covid
Healing Therapies for Long Covid: An Integrative and Intuitive Guide to Recovering from Post-Acute Covid

By Vir McCoy
The world of technology has taken many of us far from the healing powers of nature. So how do we reconnect? How do we benefit from what beautiful Mother Earth has to offer us in her healing energies? If either of those questions peak your interest, this is a read for you. Calvert writes with such grace and ease about the healing power of nature and how each of us can tap into these beautiful gifts that nature is waiting to share with each of us. Not only did I walk away from this read with a better sense of how I can connect and heal, but with a deeper respect for Mother Earth herself. Purchase

Healing with Nature
Healing with Nature: Mindfulness and Somatic Practices to Heal from Trauma

By Rochelle Calvert PhD
The world of technology has taken many of us far from the healing powers of nature. So how do we reconnect? How do we benefit from what beautiful Mother Earth has to offer us in her healing energies? If either of those questions peak your interest, this is a read for you. Calvert writes with such grace and ease about the healing power of nature and how each of us can tap into these beautiful gifts that nature is waiting to share with each of us. Not only did I walk away from this read with a better sense of how I can connect and heal, but with a deeper respect for Mother Earth herself. Purchase

Breathe In Breathe Out
Breathe In, Breathe Out: Restore Your Health, Reset Your Mind and Find Happiness Through Breathwork

By Stuart Sandeman
Breathe in. Breathe out. It sounds so easy but why is it so hard to remember to do this? We’ve all heard it a million times when we are stressed, just breathe. In this read, the author shares not only techniques and exercises in breathwork but his own personal journey of how breathwork changed his life. If you are looking for a book that can be your reminder, your guide, your support in helping you fall in love with the world of breath, you may have found it. Purchase

Tarot of the Owls
Tarot of the Owls Cards

Artwork by Elisabeth Alba, companion guide by Pamela Chen
Unlock your intuition with wisdom from owls of all shapes and sizes. This Rider-Waite-Smith-based deck features spectacular artwork by Elisabeth Alba and a companion guide by Pamela Chen. You’ll connect with the four parliaments of the minor arcana (great horned, burrowing, barn, and snowy owls), the unique members of the major arcana, and the royal owls of the court cards. Tarot of the Owls teaches you how to use their insight to conquer daily challenges and create the life you truly desire. Purchase

Water Alchemy oracle deck
Water Alchemy Oracle: A 40-Card Deck and Guidebook

Written by Alexandra Wenman, illustrated by Aveliya Savina
In this healing and divinatory oracle, Alexandra Wenman takes you on an alchemical journey to work with the healing wisdom of water to enhance your intuition, bring more fluidity and flexibility into your daily life, and offer personal healing energies to the polluted and damaged waterways of our world. Illustrated by Aveliya Savina these 40 high-vibration full-color cards focus on water elements from nature. Purchase

ISSUE #347 - FEB/MARCH 2023

Understanding Reiki Basics (A Coloring Book) by Falina StammerUnderstanding Reiki Basics, A Coloring Book

By Falina Stammer
A note from the author: My goal when creating this book was to simply help kids understand the basics of their emotions and energy to give space to feel understood. As I was finishing my Reiki Master Training, I understood how important it is to open up the lines of communication with my own kids, how to help them understand their feelings and how they matter, and how to be respectful to others. The book is filled with 37 pages of illustrations of people, animals, nature, chakras, boundaries, and the list goes on! Purchase

The Way of Miracles by Mark D. Mincolla, PhDThe Way of Miracles: Accessing Your Superconsciousness

By Mark Mincolla PhD
An adventure for the mind and spirit that begins with the premise that miracles don’t randomly happen – we create them! Developing our superconscious mind and recognizing the divine source that exists within each of us is what generates miracles. Author Mark Mincolla, PhD, shares experiences, documented research, and exercises that he uses himself to raise consciousness in order to cultivate the ability to heal and create miracles that have a lasting effect. Purchase

Shamanic Dreaming: Connecting with Your Inner Visionary by Carol DayShamanic Dreaming: Connecting with Your Inner Visionary

By Carol Day
This shamanic guide shows you how to access our creative potential to shape a strong vision for ourselves and others, connecting intimately to the world around with the support of seen and unseen realms. Earth whispering practices prepare for shamanic visioning by expanding the senses; we open up to different dimensions and initiate a conscious relationship with nature, myth, and archetype through the creativity wheel. Purchase

The Holy WIld Grimoire (A Heathen Handbook of Magic, Spells and Verses by Danielle DulskyThe Holy Wild Grimoire: A Heathen Handbook of Magick, Spells, and Verses

By Danielle Dulsky
This grimoire – a book of magick, spells, ceremonies, journaling exercises, recipes, and incantations – is an invitation to be Witch and bewitch. You will reflect and reshape your story, beholding your life’s poetry and wielding a mythic intelligence. Danielle Dulsky guides you to see through the lens of the five elements, earth, water, fire, air, and ether, and to call upon age-old archetypes. You will become a rebel queen, hooded seer, and wild king. Rising above the ecological disaster, political gridlock, and disease of the overculture, you will become a word-witch, writing your world whole again, howling with power, and singing songs of a new world reborn. Purchase

The Burn Out Antidote book coverThe Burnout Antidote: A Spiritual Guide to Empowerment for Empaths, Over-givers, and Highly Sensitive People

By Anne Bérubé PhD
Use your body as an instrument for accelerated transformation and growth with this powerful guide to overcoming burnout. Anne Bérubé, PhD, helps you access your innate capacity to heal and shows you that your burnout can become a gateway to embodied wisdom and vitality. Gain access to limitless spiritual energy. With this book, you can tune in to your natural gifts and recover from burnout. Purchase

A Crisis Is a Terrible thing to Waste: The Art of Transitioning Tragic to Magic by Kelly Sullivan WaldenA Crisis Is a Terrible Thing to Waste: The Art of Transforming the Tragic into Magic

By Kelly Sullivan Walden
Bestselling author, hypnotherapist, and dream expert Kelly Sullivan Walden shares her four-step OGLE process in a humorous self-help memoir. Kelly teaches us how to shift our perspectives on tragedy and helps us look for the magic that can shine within some of our darkness moments. Using this book as your guide, you to will find your way back to your inner heaven, even when all hell is breaking loose. Purchase

Shared Spaces Volume 2: Subtle Shifts for Mind, Body and Home Transformation by Colleen AvisSacred Spaces Volume 2: Subtle Shifts for Mind, Body, and Home Transformation

By Colleen Avis
A powerful group of expert authors, lead by Colleen Avis, share their stories and master teachings in this second volume of Sacred Spaces. You’ll take your journey to the next level with moments of inspiration, learning, growth, perspective, strategy, and practices that shift your energy and the way you live, mind, body, and soul. Waking up to what’s possible is easy when you have a team of passionate and skilled professionals to guide you. Enjoy every step on the path! Purchase

Celtic Healing Oracle Deck by Rosemarie AndersonCeltic Healing Oracle Deck

By Rosemarie Anderson
Gain insight into the hidden forces at play in our lives with this 64-card deck and guidebook from Rosemarie Anderson. This oracle deck features mythic symbols from the ancient Celtic ways of knowing. Cards feature symbols representing goddesses, gods, cauldrons, faeries, animals, trees, and other figures to express the Celtic way of “carving” reality from darkness rather than light. Guidebook explores the Celtic meaning and mythic background for each card. Purchase

Women of the Earth Oracle Cards by Randi HoytWomen of the Earth Oracle Deck

By Randi Hoyt
This 34 piece oracle card deck created by Randi Hoyt has beautiful gold foiled backs and gloss finish. Each card features an illustration from Randi’s series Women of the Earth, including a few new additions, with symbolic words and messages. This deck reflects the connection between women and nature. Our connection to nature is powerful and each card represents a part of the Earth. Purchase