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octopus spirit animal message

Octopus Spirit Animal Message for October 2023: Tides of Change

This month's message is from Octopus. With its funky face and eight wavy legs, the Octopus is more like a creature from another galaxy than something you'd expect to find on Earth. When it...
Pleiadian October 2023 message from Christine Day

Christine Day’s Pleiadian Message for October 2023

Beloved ones we greet you, Each one of you have said "Yes" to being here on the earth plane at this very sacred junction. You were specifically chosen to incarnate on earth in a human...
explore new opportunities this month

Explore New Opportunities

This year numerology has been asking you to dedicate a good share of your time to becoming more self-aware during your everyday activities. Numerology has been showing you this message every month because 2023...
Dolores Cannon three waves of volunteers part one

Excerpt from The Three Waves of Volunteers – Part Two with Dolores Cannon

Are you curious about the concept of volunteers from other dimensions or star systems coming to Earth to assist humanity? In this excerpt from the article The Three Waves of Volunteers, Part Two by...
discover your inner voice

Discovering Your Inner Voice: Insights from Echo Bodine

Echo Bodine was gracious enough to be interviewed by Tim Miejan, editor of The Edge Magazine in 2001. In this insightful conversation with Echo Bodine, renowned for her work in spirituality and healing, she...
understanding your sacral second chakra

Understanding your 2nd and Sacral Chakra

The second Chakra, also known as the sacral Chakra, is located about two finger widths below the belly button. It governs the reproductive system and the digestion/elimination system. Its element is water; ebbing and...
moose spirit animal message

September 2023 Moose Spirit Animal Message: Show Your Strength

Are you seeing red this month? Or maybe for you the cooler vibes of September offer a welcome invitation to slow down and look within. Either way, you could be feeling the energy of this...
Blackie the Cathedral cat

Blackie the New Cathedral Cat

Buddhist monasteries in Siam, Sikkhim and Tibet have traditionally over the centuries had Siamese cats as temple guardians, and these can be very fierce toward strangers. Cats do seem very attracted to ancient churches and...
enhance your self-image this fall season

Enhance your Self-Image this Fall Season

Contemplating a change?? Are you looking for a self-image remake this fall? It happens every year when a new season’s freshness & natures exquisite colorful transformation lands on our laps! Usually around the middle...
September time to transition numerology

Time to Transition

It’s that time again, September is telling you that this is the time of the year to make plans to complete what you have been working on this year. So often your perfectionist quality,...
Pleiadian September 2023 message

Christine Day’s Pleiadian Message for September 2023

Beloved ones we greet you, Be still within your Heart, open to be received within this sacred reveal taking place during the middle of this calendar month. Know Truth; this is launching for you to...
the importance of why

The Importance of “Why?”

The question of "Why?" can be a driving force of innovation and learning, a source of great suffering, and a place on the edge of the unknowable. It was Sunday afternoon, and my two-year-old granddaughter...
what is a Blue Moon?

What is a Blue Moon?

There are two types of Blue Moons – one is called a seasonal blue moon and the other is a monthly blue moon. We are most familiar with a monthly blue moon. Monthly blue moons...
spider spirit animal message

Spirit Animal Message for August 2023: Spider Medicine

Spider is an incredibly powerful totem, connected directly with the ancient powers of creation. The dark side of Spider embodies the deepest horrors imaginable to humanity. But the Light polarity of Spider is even more...
focusing on your chakras

Focusing on your Chakras: a gentle way to healing

We often hear about Chakras, but what are they and what do they do? Chakras emerged from Hinduism a few thousand years ago; they are part of Yoga. In the west, we tend to...

Harnessing the Power of 1111 Energy: Unveiling the Secrets and Spiritual Significance

Have you ever noticed the recurring number 1111 appearing in your life? Perhaps you catch the time on the clock, glance at a license plate, or notice it in random places. These numbers hold...
power for manifestation in August

Power for Manifestation

If you have been hoping and dreaming of bringing something into your life, the 8-vibrational energy of August will supply you with the manifesting energy you need to make it happen. The energy of...