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find your fitness motivation

Unveiling Your Fitness Motivation: Discover the Key to Staying Committed

In the realm of fitness, maintaining motivation is an ongoing battle that we all face at some point. There are moments when the mere thought of sticking to our workout routine or hitting the...
what to eat to be healthy

What Do You Eat to Be Healthy?

I am likely not the only yoga teacher who has been asked by my students, more than once, what I eat and drink to stay healthy. Suggesting a specific diet, some YouTube video, or...
herbalism culture and holistic health

Herbalism and Culture: Exploring the Connection with Holistic Health

Herbalism, the practice of using plants for medicinal purposes, has deep roots in cultures across the globe. From ancient civilizations to modern societies, herbal remedies have been an integral part of traditional healing practices....
understanding gluten sensitivity

Unravelling the Intricacies of Gluten: Exploring Health Implications and Gluten Sensitivity

"In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity." – Albert Einstein In our modern world where health and wellness are of paramount concern, one protein complex stands as a paradoxical titan in the discourse - gluten....
confronting your inner critic

Confronting Your Inner Critic in Your Workouts

As an instructor, I get to be the silent observer to how people react when their workout gets hard or pushes them outside of their comfort zones. What I have learned over years of...
sweet sanctuary for mind body spirit

Sweet Sanctuary

For decades, holistic wellness practices have been brushed aside as ineffective hippie pastimes. Our society's "pill for an ill" approach to wellness negates the body's ability to heal itself and the extent to which...
practice mindfulness in your life to manage stress

How To Practice Mindfulness In Your Life

Life can be full of stressful situations that cause anxiety and fear. Between work, maintaining your household, paying bills, and general anxiety about the state of the world, it’s important to maintain mindfulness and...
time to have a conversation about cannabis

It’s Time to have a Conversation

In 2015, my mother was diagnosed with stage-four lung cancer. It was just over a year later when she lost her battle. I don't want to pretend that I know cannabis would have saved...
benefits of optimal vitamin D3

Unlocking the Benefits of Optimal Vitamin D3 Levels for Your Health

Did you know that 90% of people are deficient in vitamin D3? Vitamin D is a powerful supplement our body needs to thrive and survive. If your vitamin D3 levels are optimal, it will...
getting started with supplements

The Importance of Taking Supplements for Optimal Health and Wellness

It is hard to believe that we have moved into a space where our soil no longer provides the nutrients our bodies need to thrive and survive. As a result, many of us are...
Sex Menopause Aging women's event press release

“Let’s Talk About Sex, Menopause, & Aging Bodies” special event tailored for Women

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MEDIA CONTACTS: Mikki Morrissette 651-646-3968 [email protected] Kelly Wagner 612-251-6666 [email protected] Registration is now open for "Let's Talk About Sex, Menopause, & Aging Bodies," a unique health and wellness event tailored for Women. MINNEAPOLIS (4/5/2023) – Get ready to join the...
5 tips to improve heart health

5 Ways to Keep Your Heart Healthy

Every year, American Heart Health Month brings attention to one of the most vital organs in our body. Heart health is incredibly important and there are many ways to maintain it. Here are five simple...
how to create an anxiety free workplace

Creating An Anxiety Free Workplace

A Simple Blueprint For A Happier Work Experience Anxiety can present itself in many places in our lives, and the workplace is no exception. 83% of US workers suffer from work-related stress, with 25% saying...
unusual natural health remedies

Diatomaceous Earth & Borax: Two Unusual Natural Health Remedies

This article is being posted as a revision in response to the printed version in our Feb/March 2023 issue. All articles submitted to The Edge Magazine go through an editing process which is standard...
it's ok to ask for help with your fear and anxieties

It’s Ok to Ask for Help with Your Fears and Anxieties

Getting professional help for dealing with your persistent fears and anxieties is the single most important step in your recovery. Many people are reluctant to get the assistance they need for various reasons. Image by...
why finding your purpose in life is important

5 Reasons Why Finding your Purpose in Life is Important

Finding your life purpose is important. It's a journey people take, and it's one that will never end. A life purpose is simply a statement of what you want to achieve. It's not something...

Remedy for Times of Great Life Transition

How does it make you feel when you think of the word transition? Do you bristle and tense up at the thought of it or are you someone who welcomes transitions with an open...