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sailing the seven seas of life poem

Sailing the Seven Seas of Life

An Essays From the book - The Joys of Live Alchemy by Michael Levy When we arrive into this world, we enter as a ship that navigates by the forces of nature and propelled by...
light being poem

Light Being

You are a being made of light, Crafted by the holiest light, Fragmented and sent forth, A cosmic prism within time and space. Drenched in experience you are now, Sometimes clouded by illusion, While a light within you burns, Always knowing...
the quickening poem

The Quickening

Something is coming Do you hear it? Do you see it? Do you feel it? Something is coming Know it Love it Be it Something huge is coming sending shock waves ahead rippling through us ripping like a love hurricane shaking all our structures to pieces Nothing...
musings about the other side creative writing

Musings about the Other Side

I was lying in bed. The light was on. The day had mostly passed. My elbows stabbed the bed while my hands held something I was reading. Then it happened. At first it was some...
Tofte sunrise poem

Tofte Sunrise

It’s cold outside as I prepare myself in the darkness. Staying in bed would be so much better I think. It can wait, the sun will come up again tomorrow. Then a voice comes to me, why...
Lonely poem


Lonely am I, as I wonder, how I lost it. Slowly. – Anonymous  
Sweet Forgiveness poem

Sweet Forgiveness

As Hansel and Gretel walked down the path of life They grew wiser as a result of those around them Once trusted friends, now frenemies in life Once fooled, now twice as much on alert The light bulb...
Two Weeks' Worth poem

Two Weeks’ Worth

Hoping the storm would forsake us yet cautious, we prepared for two weeks' worth of essentials. Taking the chance, we took a last glimpse ‘round the feast of these fields, that for decades had blessed us. Coming up from the muck and...

It’s the Pheasant

Treading along the gravel fringe Between snowbank and pavement, His red-and-gold-ringed neck like a halo, That transforms the day’s errands Over treacherous iced road, impatience With laundromat washers and dryers To complete their spins, the cold hands On the gas pump,...


The day may forget the sun while lost in the storm, And trees, the calm in the throes of great winds, The river may forget the playful eddy in its violent rushing, And the ground, the sweet...
land where souls play poetry

The Land Where Souls Play

An awakening to dawn mist on the water, Flowing Spirit's streams to God's alter, Purifying essence whistles through the trees, Images of the sacred, blowing in the breeze. Flights of fancy from birds up high, Feathers of many colors...
Chrysalis Soup poetry

Chrysalis Soup

I can no longer tell Light from Shadow What was Black is now White The Left has now become Right What’s Right is no longer Wrong and how can it be that what is Wrong is Right? Who knows which...
I Stand Solo poem

I Stand Solo

I've been beaten down inside But I stand up and face the world I've been scolded in front of others But I stand with my head high I've been called unpleasant names But I return the favor not I've been...
a crazy little thing called fear

Crazy Little Thing Called Fear

Have you ever gone through a tough time and had someone tell you “just think positive or you will block any good from coming into your life.” Great, so now on top of your...
transitions poem by Debbie Trantow


I As the sequence of lily-of-the-valley to iris To bleeding heart then rose Leads to fall’s gladiolas We hope that life Even encircled by death Commences To opening At least some stray sunbeam on the wall, And deer’s ruckus among trees behind the...
He Dreams poetry

He Dreams

Neither he dreams of heaven, nor fears of hell. He dreams of your gleam, without any greed. Save his soul from ignorance. Cause, he lives utterly in negligence. – Talha Umer   He Dreams image by Joel Filipe from Unsplash
turning on the light spiritual journey

Turning On the Light

Have you ever been in a deep sleep only to wake up to the urgency of having to go to the bathroom? Walking in the dark, with your eyes almost closed because you don’t...