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“Channeling with The Collective” with Kelly Thebo
Third Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. Central — Join your hosts, Kelly and Rick Thebo, as they bring you the insight and wisdom of The Collective, a group of discarnate energies that inhabit the frequency of the various star systems that have interacted with Earth. Through their channel, Kelly, The Collective serve as teachers and mentors and deliver a message of divine empowerment and responsibility delivered with candor, compassion and love. Every month you’ll enjoy a new message from The Collective, followed by an open mic for you to interact with them directly. Transform your life as you seek the wisdom and clarity needed to create a life you’ll love!

Kelly Thebo is the channel for a group of discarnate energies she refers to as The Collective. They refer to themselves as the Star Nations and are comprised of entities that dwell in, and inhabit the frequency of, the various star systems that have interacted with earth from the beginning. The Collective serve as teachers and mentors and their message is one of divine empowerment and responsibility.

In the early morning hours of April 9, 2016, Kelly witnessed a UFO. It hung in the sky for two and a half hours, allowing her to film it. Several weeks after this visitation, she channeled The Collective for the first time while participating in her first regression session. On a subsequent trip to Sedona, Arizona, with her husband Rick, she received confirmation of her role as channel via a series of unusual events that have culminated in her present contribution with The Collective.

Prior to becoming a channel, Kelly worked in the accounting and technology industries and holds a B.A. in Accounting. She also has degrees in computer programming and web development. Her background also includes 12 years as a broker in the real estate industry, specializing in new construction.

Kelly’s role as a channel is something she could not have planned for and it continues to unfold in mysterious and beautiful ways. The Collective brings a message filled with love and compassion that is also uniquely candid. Their presence and interaction has forever changed the trajectory of Kelly’s life. It is her sincerest hope that it will change yours, as well. Visit her website.


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