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Dorian-Raffi“Spiritual Diagnostics on the Edge” with Carol & Rabecca
Second Thursday of each month at 4:00 p.m. Central — Join Carol Dorian & Rabecca Raffi as they discuss a wide range of spiritual readings. Learn about your chakras and chakra balancing, your spiritual DNA, positive energy vs. unwanted energy. Hear how to filter your energy and how to access your own gifts and abilities to heal. “We will welcome all call-ins and provide answers regarding love, finances, and all matters of the heart and spirit.” 

Carol Dorian is a psychic visionary healer with 23 years experience. She has studied the expansion of her natural born gifts at Berklee school of metaphysics and Delphi University of spiritual studies. Carol offers insight and clarity to all matters of the heart and spirit. She has the ability to locate an assist in the removal of stagnant, unwanted energy retained in the aura caused by painful separation, loss of a loved one, unresolved issues of the past, Spiritual DNA or past lives. Carol offers psychic readings, Tarot card readings, soulmate readings and reunites separated relationships.

Rabecca Raffi has 20 years experience in spiritually advising her clients on all matters of life such as love, marriage, business, health and finances. She specializes in chakra balancing psychic Energy readings, releasing unwanted or negative Energy. Rabecca studied at Delphi University of spiritual studies for eight years and has assisted her clients in discovering their path and purpose.


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