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“Edge Inner View” hosted by Cathryn Taylor
Second Wednesday of each month at 3:00 p.m. Central — Join Cathryn as she interviews a member of our holistic community.

Cathryn Taylor, M.A., author of The Inner Child Workbook: What To Do With Your Past When It Just Won’t Go Away, was licensed in the state of California in 1979 as a Marriage and Family Therapist, was certified in Chemical Dependency in 1985 and is now licensed in the state of Minnesota as an Alcohol and Drug Counselor and as a Marriage and Family Therapist. She is also trained as a Personal Life Coach, an EMDR Practitioner, a practitioner of Gary Craig’s Emotional Freedom Techniques and is a certified Pro-EFT practitioner by EFT Master Lindsay Kenny. Cathryn has worked in the mental health field since 1971. Cathryn has a successful private practice that she conducts both in person and via phone consults throughout the world. Cathryn is coordinator of Edge Talk Radio. Visit her website.


September 9, 2020, Interview with Pleiadian Ambassador Christine Day on her upcoming 3-Day Seminar, “Enter the Realms of Pei Antana”
August 3, 2020, Interview with Dick Larson on Maitreya & Share International
April 8, 2020, Interview with Richard Smoley, author of “A Theology of Love”
March 11, 2020, Interview with Psychic, Medium and Healer Allie Maurer
February 12, 2020, Interview with author Keri Mangis on her new book, Embodying Soul
January 8, 2020, Interview with Healer and Life Coach Melissa Lewis, host of the new podcast Authentic Elevation with the Edge


December 11, 2019, Interview with Lisa Erickson, author of Chakra Empowerment for Women
November 13, 2019, Interview with Diana Men Chen & David Schwerin, authors of Know Your Soul: Bring Joy to Your Life
October 9, 2019, Interview with Christine Day on the 3 Day Pleiadian Seminar
September 11, 2019, Interview with Chip Halbach with Share International
August 14, 2019, Interview with Mas Sajady, a Frequency Catalyst
July 18, 2019, Interview with Dr. Matt James, president of the Empowerment Partnership
June 12, 2019, Interview with Dr. Ruth Cherry, author of the Books for Transformation series
May 8, 2019, Interview with Carol Lowell on Healing, Psychic Ability and Mediumship
April 10, 2019, Interview with Don Snyder on the Akashic Records
March 13, 2019, Interview with Transformational Coach and Healer Nina Roberts Salveson
February 22, 2019, Interview with Holistic Healer Lena Swanson
January 9, 2019, Interview with Psychic Echo Bodine on 2019 Predictions


December 12, 2018, Interview with Jonathan Glass, author of The Total Life Cleanse
October 10, 2018, Interview with Pleiadian Ambassador Christine Day
September 14, 2018, Interview with Success Coach Michael Vukelic of Outrageous Success
September 12, 2018, Interview with Healer and Author Warren King
August 8, 2018, Interview with Psychic Jenny Lee
July 4, 2018, Interview with Kelly Thebo & The Collective
April 16, 2018, Interview with Homeopath Desirée Brazelton on Healing Motherhood
April 11, 2018, Interview with Susanne Wilson and Suzanne Giesemann, the Dynamic Duo of Evidential Mediumship
March 14, 2018, Interview with Gina Citoli on her Cabaret of Consciousness
February 14, 2018, Interview with Psychic David Champion


December 13, 2017, Interview with Echo Bodine on the Center for Intuitive Living
November 8, 2017, Interview with Tim Thorpe, executive directory of Pathways
October 13, 2017, Interview with Pleiadian Ambassador Christine Day
September 13, 2017, Interview with author Carrie L’Esperance on Soul Breathing
August 9, 2017, Interview with William Meader on esoteric philosophy
May 10, 2017, Interview with Michele Rae on Living from the Center Within
April 12, 2017, Interview with Dr. Patrice & Gabriel, gardeners of the heart
March 8, 2017, Interview on money with EFT master Kim Eisen
February 8, 2017, Interview with Medium Suzanne Giesemann
January 11, 2017, Interviews with three Inner Traditions authors


November 9, 2016, Interviews at the 2016 Minneapolis Holistic Expo
October 12, 2016, with Jeremiah & Amanda Rangel of IntraAwareness
September 14, 2016, with Pleiadian Ambassador Christine Day
August 10, 2016, with Dagney Kvamme (Walters) and Tracy Kvamme (Krouse)
July 13, 2016, with Carol Dorian & Rabecca Raffia
June 8, 2016, with Tracy Krouse on Divine Guidance
May 11, 2016, with Dr. Kyra Mesich on Understanding Empathy
April 13, 2016, with Julie Buckman, and authors Ellen Goldberg & Dorian Bergen, and Ellen Evert Hopman
March 9, 2016, with Warren King & Terese Guettler, R.N.
February 10, 2016, with Tina McGee
January 13, 2016, with Maggie Chula


December 9, 2015, with Authors from Inner Traditions
November 11, 2015, with Ashana on the Open Heart Holiday Concert
October 14, 2015, with Chrism on Kundalini
September 9, 2015, with William Meader on Astro Rayology
August 19, 2015, with author and Eckankar teacher Anne Archer Butcher
August 12, 2015, with Pleiadian Ambassador Christine Day
July 29, 2015, with Dr. Richard Bartlett on Matrix Energetics®
July 8, 2015, with Bob Fickes on Meditation
June 10, 2015, with Eric Earll & Bert Allen of 2GuysintheKnow
May 13, 2015, with Master Chunyi Lin of Spring Forest Qigong
March 11, 2015, with Annette Rugolo of Conscious Life Resources
February 11, 2015, with Mary Hayes Grieco on Forgiveness
January 14, 2015, with Jessica Valor on self-empowerment & self-love


December 10, 2014, with Rev. Alan L. Pritz on his new book on meditation
November 12, 2014, with Amber Annette, Your Intuitive CEO
September 10, 2014, with Christine Day on Transformation in 2014
August 13, 2014, with Dr. Todd on Pineal Tones
July 9, 2014, with Jeannie Hamm on Mastering Alchemy
June 11, 2014, with Master Chrism on Kundalini
May 14, 2014, with Master Stephen Co on Pranic Healing
April 9, 2014, on Maitreya with Betsy Whitfill and Share International
March 12, 2014, with author Paul Emekwulu
February 12, 2014, with author Frank Joseph
January 8, 2014, with Gary Beaver, M.A., on After-Death Communication


December 11, 2013 with Karla Wessel of Angel Star Journeys
November 13, 2013 with Speakers & Exhibitors at Edge Life Expo
October 9, 2013 with Michelle Ploog on the Beyond Belief Walk for Peace
September 11, 2013 with spiritual teacher William Meader
August 14, 2013 with classically trained vocalist Susan Lincoln
July 10, 2013 with Kryon channel Lee Carroll
June 12, 2013 with Rita Perea
May 8, 2013 with Debbie Johnson
April 10, 2013 with Efren Solanas
March 13, 2013 with author Aingeal Rose O’Grady
February 13, 2013 with author Terry Newbegin
January 9, 2013 with Energy Medicine pioneers Donna Eden & David Feinstein


December 12, 2012 with The Edge Staff on 12.12.12
November 14, 2012 with author Cedric Red Feather
October 10, 2012 with author Monique Hammond on hearing loss
September 12, 2012 with Pleiadian Ambassador Christine Day
June 13, 2012 with medium Necole Stephens
May 9, 2012 with author Sean Meshorer
April 11, 2012 with Life Coach Cheryl Hiltibran on her journey with cancer
March 14, 2012 with Strategic Mind Coach Lori Bestler
February 8, 2012 with author Sheryl Hill
January 11, 2012 with Dr. Thomas Miller, D.C., and Heidi Gilman


December 14, 2011 with Maria Peth
November 10, 2011 with Mirtha Solis of Meta Institute
October 12, 2011 with Qigong Grandmaster Dr. Chow and Intuitive/Healer Insiah Beckman
September 14, 2011 with Feng Shui consultant Carole J. Hyder
August 10, 2011 with Holistic Nutritionist Maggie Christopher
July 13, 2011 with Author and 2012 Authority Penny Kelly
June 8, 2011 with SchaOn Blodgett
May 19, 2011 with Medum & Psychic Healer J.J. Norman
April 13, 2011 with The Healing Loft
March 9, 2011 with psychic Deborah Lynn11 and pranic healer Master Stephen Co
February 9, 2011 with spiritual teacher Lynn Woodland
January 12, 2011 on EFT