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“Outrageous Success on the Edge” with Michael Vukelic
Second & Fourth Monday of each month at 10:00 a.m. Central — “Outrageous Success on the Edge” is about the amazing journey and knowledge that transformed the life of the show’s host, Michael Vukelic, and gave him the strength and courage to live full and authentically. “That’s why I do this work,” he says, “because I know there are so many living their life as I did.”

Michael Vukelic is a Success Strategist focused on Training and Empowerment programs that break down barriers, shift the identity that limits us and building the shortest path to wealthy, confident, brilliant and authentic professionals. “For 17 years I have been fascinated with human behavior and the world we live and work in. I have shared the stage with Success Coach Jack Canfield, Wealth Coach JT Foxx, gurus and mentors, and I love to inspire others on the wow factor of the metaphysical, the capabilities of the mind, building the muscle to get out of our own way and the miracles we are all capable of! I provide radical transformation for entrepreneurs and business professionals who have hit the glass ceiling and are sick of the way they are living!” Visit his website.