Accelerate Your Full Potential: Advanced Coaching and Facilitative Leadership

    September 21, 2022 @ 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
    Accelerate Your Full Potential: Advanced Coaching and Facilitative Leadership

    Accelerate Your Full Potential: Advanced Coaching and Facilitative Leadership Competencies For the New Era

    In this deeply transformational 6-month immersive master program, coaches, leaders, facilitators and visionaries will expand their abilities and skills to be of higher service in the new era. Through a combination of competency building activities including group coaching, experiential activities, facilitative leadership, personal development, change agency, DEIB, and spiritual, emotional, social and relational intelligence you will rapidly expand your level of mastery. Monthly one hour 1-1 coaching session with a master coach and program facilitator is included.


    • Review theories of transformation and application to personal and professional development
    • Utilize spiritual practices to expand into multidimensional awareness
      Develop and demonstrate group coaching skills and facilitative communications strategies
    • Develop emotional, social, relational and spiritual intelligence
      Deepen and develop capacity to be a visionary through facilitative leadership and change agency
    • Create mutually inclusive groups that honor equity, diversity and belonging
      Identify and develop tools to engage with conditioning, resistance, barriers and pitfalls that arise during transformation
    • We are living in a New Era that propels us into our next level of serving, loving and living individually and collectively. Are you a holistic coach, practitioner, visionary or leader who could use support as old paradigms are disintegrating and new optimal possibilities are emerging?
    • How do you navigate these shifts and uncertainty for yourself and best support your patients, clients and staff?This 6-month group coaching series is designed to create community, expand perspectives, accelerate development, and ignite creativity as we support you and your service. Are YOU ready to deepen your capacity and skills supporting human development, transformation, depth coaching and facilitative leadership? This course intends to exponentially develop coaches, leaders and facilitators with a desire to embody the skills and awareness of visionary, futurist, innovator and change agent to improve the lives of the people they serve and society as a whole.

    Your clients, patients, staff and community come to you for guidance and clarity as they explore where they are now and where they want to be for optimal whole person mind-body-spirit wellness, while living and contributing with purpose. As you transform and step more into your authentic power, you expand your impact. This exponentially enhances your capacity to support others as they co-create an empowered coherent life and realize their full potential.



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