Soul Breathing / Holy Divine Healing Retreat & Planetary Service Project

    September 15, 2022 – September 18, 2022 all-day
    Mountain Harbor Resort & Spa
    994 Mountain Harbor Rd
    Mount Ida
    Arkansas 71957
    Terri Peterson
    Soul Breathing / Holy Divine Healing Retreat & Planetary Service Project @ Mountain Harbor Resort & Spa

    Join Terri Peterson & Dr Dan Mathews for a HIGH VIBE gathering that will ROCK your SOCKS!

    Soul Breathing (Terri) & Holy Divine Healing (Dan) are teaming up for another life-changing retreat. Join us in Mount Ida, Arkansas for this planetary service project that will raise your vibration and transform your body, heart, mind & soul.

    Mystical Arkansas, with the 2nd largest quartz crystal bed in the world, second only to Brazil, is truly high vibe. Mountain Harbor Resort and Spa, is a magical place on the shores of Lake Ouachita, that rests underneath the gentle sweep of Hickory Nut Mountain and is surrounded by the Ouachita National Forest. Known for its scenic natural beauty, Lake Ouachita sits upon the largest quartz crystalline bed in North America and is a sanctuary for harmony, healing and transformation.

    During our time together, we will raise our vibration through breath and sound. As we breathe in the energies of the full moon & Fall Equinox, we will connect with the Holy O, the Nine Clusters, the Multi-Dimensional Masters, the Angelic Realms, the Galactic Nations, the Crystals and Elementals. Terri & Dan will guide you as you are immersed in the energetics of Lake Ouachita & the surrounding crystals that will catapult you farther down your path. You will receive priceless clearings, activations & blessings which will open portals and take you to a whole new level. What we do for ourselves, we do for humanity. As we usher in new frequencies through the conscious crystals, crystalline grids and powerful portals, we will integrate them into our physical form so they can be anchored into the hard drive of the Earth. This will assist each one of us with our personal ascension process and help with the evolution of All.

    This 3-day retreat will be facilitated by Terri with Dr Dan of Holy Divine Healing (HDH) joining us for various activities, including a pontoon ride on Lake Ouachita. We will breathe, swim, relax and noodle around as we soak up the high vibrational water and the piezoelectric energies that come from the crystals underneath the lake.

    Retreat Includes: multiple Soul Breathing group sessions w/ Terri, Group Healing w/ Dr Dan, time to relax, meditate, pontoon, swim & commune with the crystals underneath Lake Ouachita, planetary service, fun, and much more. Personal HDH sessions with Dr Dan are available on request, but may be limited depending on our schedule. A prior Soul Breathing experience w/Terri and a Holy Divine Healing session or Group Healing w/Dan, is a prerequisite before the start of the retreat, plus a willingness to take a quantum leap with Terri & Dan.

    Register Early! Space is limited at Mountain Harbor Resort and on Dr Dan’s pontoon boat.


    When: Thursday through Sunday, September 15-18, 2022

    Where: Mountain Harbor Resort & Spa
    994 Mountain Harbor Rd, Mount Ida, Arkansas 71957

    Cost: $599 by July 5th

    Questions: Contact Terri at 651-442-4623 or [email protected]


    Terri Peterson, TBF, SBF, RPh, nationally recognized breath expert, is an engaging teacher and a change catalyst. She offers a unique path toward personal transformation, optimum health and wellness through conscious breathwork. She will help you clear your blocks and ignite a spark in you that can unleash your full potential to help achieve your personal goals. She offers a variety of sessions & classes in the Twin Cities where she resides and travels extensively leading seminars & retreats throughout the United States and abroad. Terri is a living example of ‘West meets East’ as she continues to expand her holistic work in tandem with her many years as a Registered Pharmacist. Certifications include: Transformational Breath®, Soul Breathing™, Pranic Healing®, Light Body, New Paradigm Multidimensional Transformation® and Reiki.



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